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Archived Global Pension Plan Comments - 201 to 300

Continuing the archive of comments from the Global Pension Plan post, comments 201 to 300 can be found below:

1 - 100 | 101 - 200 | 201 - 300


Not "Stella." Just somebody messing around. Don't be so gullible people.

Comment by JH - February 1, 2008 @ 10:46 pm



It seems the cries of the GPP members have been heard! Gpp members are going to be given two choices...

Dear Members of GPP,

just before Stella had to take a flight some minutes ago she asked me to please inform you about this very important detail which I am sure many of you are already waiting for:

The Bank Solution is not the only alternative!

Those of you who want to have the payout transferred to personal bank accounts can do so.

Stella will later then move this annoucement to the admin folder and maybe clarify this point a bit more.

All the best,



Have a safe and Happy Weekend!

Comment by Rocket - February 2, 2008 @ 1:47 am


They never said that there wouldn't be two options. The issue is having to wait for the "banking solution" even by those who don't intend to use it. They've conveniently not commented on that aspect here, but if you'll look at the answers to questions they say that all payments are delayed until the banking solution is in place so effectively the same thing.


Comment by JH - February 2, 2008 @ 2:32 am


You see Rocket ? JH will still complaining even when he'll get paid...(if he is a member, probably not)

Comment by Neverland - February 2, 2008 @ 4:52 am


Definitely not so naive to fall for a fraud as blatantly obvious as this. Or some knucklehead pretending to be the scammers either. lol

How's the Banking Solution coming along? Have they sent in the $5 and three box tops for the Somalian banking license yet?

Comment by JH - February 2, 2008 @ 8:33 am


Neverland thats excatly what that means the money NEVER LANDS wake up people why do you think they keep going on about this 'banking solution' crap because it will never land in our accounts or what ever they say they will come up with....

So stella did you say I can get my money back well my upline informs me that I can not once it has been deposited in the c-gold or the liberty reserve place. So can you tell me what the truth is to that or is that still being worked out too along with your 'banking solutions'....

Comment by jennifer - February 2, 2008 @ 8:42 am


May I respectfully suggest that members with very negative attitudes either resign their membership or publish their poisonous remarks elsewhere? Venting your frustration in a public place does not do anyone any good.

However, there is something to be said for their concerns.

As for Stella's and Neverland's remarks concerning the uncooperative attitude of certain banks, I'd like to say the following. All member were led to believe that there would be a banking solution. At a certain point, it was communicated that this solution could not be offered any time soon and that members could open new, own accounts or use their existing ones, while GPP would continue looking for a feasible solution.

GPP can now hardly blame the members for creating an uproar within the banking community because members were "sent out" to open bankaccounts without giving them proper instruction on how to proceed. GPP must have been aware - out of their own experience - that a banker's attitude will quickly change from welcoming into disaproving when confronted with statements like e.g. "I'm expecting about half a million Euro's anytime soon because I bought 10 pension-policies in a reverse program, but I cannot tell you the insurance company's name or from where the funds will be remitted, nor can I produce any credible paperwork to substantiate the funds origin at the moment, but I'm doing business with an organisation called GPP and please have a look at their website."
I wish I had an Euro for every time such a statement (or similar) was made to a banker causing him to quickly usher this prospective "client" out of the building. GPP would have done well issuing clear instructions to the members on what to say and how to behave. Not every member is business-savvy, not to mention aware of the customs within the banking-industry. This was a serious flaw which now seems to have serious repercussions.

Also, I can understand other members' worries about the lack of communication. While it is probably true that the GPP staff are working their butts off and travelling the globe to get matters organised for us, all members - at the same time - are aching for every scrap of information they can find. After all, pay-out date was set for this month, there is stil no address where to send the agreements to, etc. In short: the members are getting nervous due to lack of communication. Hence they start getting silly ideas, being suspicious and posting venemous messages on fora. GPP's remarks like "we'll take it in steps of one month" does definitely not contribute to members' peace of mind. I would therefore like to suggest a more frequent issue of news, even if there is very little to report.

Keeping the website open and offering members the possibility to enter new members and buy additional policies is also regarded as a blessing in disguise. Although from GPP's standpoint it might be explained as beneficial to the member community (more downline bonusses, more additionen policies), the member community itself may look upon it as if GPP is just taking more money and putting pay-out off while pretending to be busy. As a positive, optimistic person by nature I shall not make any accusations for one or the other. After all, as with every business venture there is the element of risk involved here as well. But GPP would do well to keep the members very closely informed about their actions and the reason for doing so.

I know this forum is monitored by Neverland who seems to be involved in - or at least is closer to, the GPP operation. To him/her I would like to express my gratitude for the very extended information which was posted recently. This is information we all need. Please continue.

Kind regards to all & have a nice weekend.


Comment by Juan de la Cumbre - February 2, 2008 @ 12:08 pm


"May I respectfully suggest that members with very negative attitudes either resign their membership or publish their poisonous remarks elsewhere? Venting your frustration in a public place does not do anyone any good."

On the contrary it does quite a bit of good - it exposes this as the obvious scam that it is and, hopefully, makes people think twice before giving any or any more of their money to the serial scammers who are behind it.

What leads you to believe that, unlike the many blogs and sites that are run by persons whose only interest in promoting this scheme is to benefit from referral money, this is only for positive promotion of this fraud? Sorry but no amount of positive attitude will change this from being an obvious scam and positive promotion will not help members and/or those counting on receiving referral money get anything out of it. They're simply using you to do much of their work in continuing to perpetrate their fraud and spread it to drag in more money for them not members. Other than maybe a few key promoters who are knowingly acting as shills, they will not pay anyone anything.

And why would you think that "Stella" or "Neverland" monitor this discussion? Simply because someone signed their names above? Don't believe everything you read simply because it's written. If I sign this as the Easter Bunny would you accept that too? ; )


Comment by JH - February 2, 2008 @ 11:06 pm


It's amazing how trusting people can be. If this isn't the straw the broke the camels back what will be????

The last two posters sound more educated than anything posted over on the GPP forum.

We have been had! I joined full well knowing it was a scam, but my own personal greed lead me to do it. It was like buying a lottery ticket or going to the casino. This is just what the GPP team want you to feel.

I watched as 71 people I know took a chance in the wind and signed up for GPP, just over the Christmas season. With dreams of big payouts in Feb.

Here we go yet another excuse "no bank Solution", what's going to be next... "GPP Team Die in Plane Crash"

don't be surprised

Comment by Busting Gut - February 2, 2008 @ 11:23 pm


Was doing a little research into GPP and GPIT and ran into this posting. Thanks to everyone for all the comments and quotes from GPP sources. Not being a Member, I have no access to this.

I know people who have made money on similar reverse insurance policies but it took less time and was apparently a little more together. GPP seems to be a larger scale project but they have not kept the web site up. For example, it still says only one policy per person an it includes links to defunct sites.

Certainly sounds like a scam, especially with all the last minute changes in message (required wait even with own solution, etc) while at the same time, opening it up to more than the original arrangements. Why not correctly begin another set rather than messing with initial investors?

The refunds are curious. This points to not-scam and perhaps just an unprepared staff (100,000+ clients is a lot to manage) but could also be a ruse to "confirm" validity for further investors. But thats unexpected sharpness for a group that seems to be struggling otherwise and is not putting out a cohesive front. Like the "banking solution". For a scam, marketing and presentation is everything.

It certainly is a curious adventure. As Busting Gut suggests, it is indeed something of a lottery, but extra high risk when they play outside the law of many jurisdictions.

Very curious to see what plays out. Rarely does one get such an inside view of the play in high stakes poker. Remember the admonition from the old flick "Born Free"? Let it go. If its yours, it will come back to you. On the other hand, a watched pot...

Comment by DFB - February 3, 2008 @ 5:22 am


People, I am very sad to say that you have been scammed. I’m really quite shocked to see how many of these scams are out there. It seems that all of these reverse pension plans are scams! If this was a true financial tool, why wouldn’t everyone be doing this? Why must it be overseas? Why send money to someone who you have no idea of where they are located? Look at the site in WHOIS.COM. The site has it’s information hidden. Take a look at any other bank anywhere in the world… Meaning REAL BANKS. How many have their site information hidden. How many have only ONE person to handle these millions of dollars? This has proven to be a good scam. A very good scam might I add however. The 2 yrs that this has taken to get together has surely proven to be profitable. Too bad that these scammers could not haveput their intelligence toward something more beneficial. Most of all, WHY WOULD SUCH A CREDITABLE COMPANY WITH MILLIONS INVOLVED NOT HAVE A BANKING SOLUTION!!! I sadly ask, what the hell is a banking solution anyway. A very poor explanation for such a large company wouldn't you say? As for those touting this, who has ever heard... no, seen any monies being paid out for cuch programs? I'll bet NONE! If so, please show us which one... Yes, which one, with of course a website that's not "down"!

Comment by MikeCheck - February 3, 2008 @ 6:50 am


Well It seems I have wrote this Three times now both with very good math. Tripple checked math.

Ok I said that I think there is a faker in the Stella and Neverland comments. And that Why would Stella and Neverland waste time here when they have a big FORUM to make comments in. Also that telling personaly to Jennifer to quit is not very business like and that Stella should be consoling Jennifer, that would be better business judgement as she and many others are the GPPs bread and butter.(Apparently)

So stop faking being Stella and Neverland as they have never commented personally before,(Only as quotes from Rocket and others) Dont give out false advice.

Gees, Jennifer and JH must feel real special to be getting anything from Stella even if it is negative.Lol!!!

Let Stella make comments in the Forum and Keep working on the BANKING SOLUTION.

I am at my witts end cause every valid point I make about Stella not realy making those remarks to Jennifer, and It being a fake, I cant submitt cause even though I tripple checked my math it didnt go through. Who else thinks they can do the math but have failed. " please add 8 and 6 . Is that 14 or do I fail Math! Signed Cranky SM

I know i should copy first so dont give me that. I just thought knowing math made it work.

Comment by SM - February 3, 2008 @ 12:52 pm


Hi SM,

I've removed the Math problem for now - sorry for the hassles with it. It's there to stop comment spammers but I'm going to see how the blog copes without it.

Thanks for persisting!


Comment by Ben - February 3, 2008 @ 12:58 pm


One thing I have wondered through out this whole thing is that if you can buy a policy for a child from birth, isnt that a long time to wait for a payout of a supposed 67 years.. I know there's some money that they get in between but for the rest of the policy money, thats almost a lifetime. Who benefits from these type of policies? Under 1yrs, lets say?? Lets face it most of us put in our kids and grandkids as the return is far greater. Can anyone explain how Stella or the Partners gain from waiting this long? Curious SM.

Comment by SM - February 3, 2008 @ 1:26 pm


Thanks Ben I at least Know I can add like a 6 year old. Thats a bit of a worry when 6 was 32 years ago.

Silly me I just went to do the next math question and Its gone. Boy you are quick.

Comment by SM - February 3, 2008 @ 1:35 pm


Hi ,
im sorry to inform you that
GPP's Team Leader died in Plane Crash last night

So you can stop beeing negative about GPP it will close end of february 2008, and will pay out members

Comment by Easter buny - February 3, 2008 @ 4:40 pm


"One thing I have wondered through out this whole thing is that if you can buy a policy for a child from birth, isnt that a long time to wait for a payout of a supposed 67 years.. I know there’s some money that they get in between but for the rest of the policy money, thats almost a lifetime. Who benefits from these type of policies? Under 1yrs, lets say?? Lets face it most of us put in our kids and grandkids as the return is far greater. Can anyone explain how Stella or the Partners gain from waiting this long? Curious SM."

Easy answer. They don't. Ignoring for a minute the many other aspects that call into question the feasibility of this deal, if you look at it purely on the basis of the math, then the ONLY way that this deal works to yield a reasonable return to whoever is holding these policies is if the vast majority of ages within the member pool is about 57 or up. The return here is a fixed amount at 80K over whatever period of time pass before the policy matures. The longer the time, the lower the effective yield.

I've shown the math in an earlier post above, so I won't go through the details here, but using their own numbers, it works out that this represents a return equal to about 1% to 2% APR to whomever holds the policies. This is a ridiculous return espeically over such a long time frame and for investors who would have easy access to other much more compelling investments with higher yield at no risk.

The only way to improve the numbers is to make the time frame for the return lower as above to about 10 years which would make it closer to 7% (which still isn't great) or to change the dollar amount of the return (which can't change given the nature of the fixed-value policy). It's simple math that, despite suggestions by supporters, doesn't change whether they are "sophisticated investors" and how it might be "leveraged" since it's just a note with a fixed value and has no means to appreciate or be sold to anyone for more than it's worth at face value.

And, again, this becomes even less believable when considering that the party financing this wouldn't just be doing a few of these but rather 100s of thousands and in total would be putting up 12 BILLION at MINIMUM and up to over $120 BILLION USD at full value for 350,000 policies just to do a bunch of very poor deals.

And if that doesn't tell you enough, then the fact that they on one hand have the investment group, who by definition understands well and is driven by money made through its investments, making this HUGE capital investment and waiting for 27 years for a piddly little return, while at the same time for no apparent reason simply giving away to members immediately 55,000 - 110,000 in current-value dollars which are worth far, far more on a relative basis than they are receiving themselves espeically given the time value of money. So, supposedly at least, the member's return works out to be something in the range of 8000% for doing nothing and the party driving the deal and putting at risk many BILLIONS for an extended time only gets a 1% - 2% return. What's wrong with this picture? ; )

The reason for the above not making sense is easier to understand when you know what's really behind these schemes. There is no company here. There are no Trust Partners. It a complete sham that's really just a few guys who put up a half-@ssed web site based on a HYIP script and spun a story about RPPs. The site itself was made by a person who is involved in the HYIP world and in fact is a moderator at a popular forum. The hosting company that they use is home to most HYIP and other online scams that all end the same way. Same with the banks used and anonymous payment processors. The primary promoters are all persons with a long and infamous history in failed HYIP, MLM, and other online investment schemes. The reason that a lot of it doesn't "add up" is that while they're very good at coming up with creative scams, they have no idea what's involved in a deal like they've proposed at a detailed level and they're not smart enough and don't have th ebackgrounds required to actually come through with all of the details to support the story told as it develops beyond that very basic level. That's why the numbers don't work when examined in detail and become ridiculous when extended to the total deal, why they don't have various pieces of the puzzle you'd expect to be there, the delays and changes in course, the laughable "agreement" form, a single support person for 100,000+ members, etc., etc., etc. And if it's not clear enough by now, then it will become more and more so as they have to try to come through with the substance and details to support their story.

Comment by JH - February 3, 2008 @ 7:57 pm


When GPP sends out that "Welcome" e-mail... They tell you to go to their forums and post. What they don't tell you is that only Mods are allowed to post..

Is this controlling information or what? I think so. There are a lot of members out here that would like to voice their concerns, but the GPP Forum is sensored...LOL

Ever notice there are so many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes on their web site???? I can't spell either BUT FOR GOD SAKES USE SPELL CHECK when putting together a site. The stuff on the site looks like it was written by a 12 year old.

The whole thing look very non-professional....

what do you think about c-gold????? are they a part of the scam too??
very strange don't you think???

these are things that make you say hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

anyone else say hmmmmm??

Comment by Busting Gut - February 3, 2008 @ 9:43 pm


Hello, we had about 8000 new policies in the month of Dec. and Jan
wich is about 24,000$. If it was a scam, dont you think it would be closed by now? Trying to find a banking solution for that amount of money without sending alarm to goverment isnt so easy.
So keep the team tight together and we will success very soon...

Comment by Neverland - February 3, 2008 @ 10:46 pm


Dear Members of Global Pension Plan,

The last days have been extremely interesting.

At this point here I would like to ask all of you a big favour:

There is no reason whatsoever to become negative.
Stella is working very, very hard for all of us. Have you recently acknowledged that? Have you maybe also written a little “thank you” for all that she is doing? Just an idea…!

Now Stella has come up with numerous additional payment methods. Can you imagine how much work that was for her? Maybe you think she has 20 or 30 staff and it was easy. Oh no. She is doing all the work. So what about supporting her a bit!

Before I continue, I want you to read the following article I recently discovered. For me it is sooo true and helpful. But see for yourself.


The Real You by Eric Solomon

It is generally accepted that 95% of the human population incline towards negative thoughts and attitudes. This correlates with statistics that show only 5% of the population ever become successful and financially independent. But why?

I am convinced beyond doubt we are all, as part of our birthright, infinitely more positive than negative. But for many of us, the “real you” is much like a house built from bricks that has been painted over with black or gloomy grey paint. In volume, there are hundreds of thousands of times more brick than paint, yet the thin layer of paint entirely covers and obscures the bricks, which could just as easily have been bright and cheerful.

Why do the vast majority of us live our lives focussing on doom and gloom? Why do so many of us find it easier to deny our birthright to a life filled with everything we could possibly wish for and focus instead on building a lifetime of mediocrity, misery and failure?

The answer, probably, is because most of us seem to be irresistibly drawn towards negative thoughts of hardship and lack, with the same deadly fascination a flame has for a moth. We know negative thoughts are not good for us, but we allow ourselves to brood over them and even become consumed by them, because that seems to be much easier than making the conscious effort to pull our thoughts away from them.

Can you remember any time as a kid, when you may have lost a tooth? You still had a mouthful of good teeth, yet your tongue kept finding the gap – continually worrying over the one spot in your mouth that was empty.

Here is a little experiment for you to try.
Take a clean sheet of white paper one Metre Square. Using a black pen draw a tiny black square, one millimetre square, right in the centre of the sheet.

Now step back and stare at the sheet trying not to look at the black spot. It’s fascinating. In spite of the fact that the white area of the sheet is 1, 000, 000 times larger than the black area, your eye will be constantly drawn back to the black spot.

Even if you focus elsewhere on the sheet, as soon as you forget and relax your concentration, your eye will be pulled back to the black spot. You will keep seeing it out of the corner of your eye. It requires a huge conscious effort of will to pull your eye away from that negative space and keep it focussed exclusively on the white area.

However, if you will take a one millimetre square of white paper and place it over the black square, replacing the dark centre with a light centre, suddenly your eye will again be able to focus on the entire sheet of whiteness with no effort at all.

All it took was to examine and analyse the dark square in the centre and replace it with its exact opposite. It’s awesome.

What keeps you awake at night? What are your worst-case scenarios? Your “dark squares in the centre” of your soul that you are continuously focussing and fixating on?

If you will examine them and replace them with their exact opposites, transforming thoughts of what you dread most into thoughts of what you would cherish as your most ideal, magical, desirable best-case scenarios, your entire world can change.

You can choose to limit or liberate the Real You. To be either negative or positive. To obsess on the dark or replace it with the light.

The former leads you to gloom, sleeplessness, poor health and disappointment. The latter to health, tranquillity, wealth and happiness.
Which one do you choose?

We have such a great, wonderful, positive future ahead of us. Really take a look.

- We will be finished by end of Febuary! Isn´t that great? Isn´t that gorgeous?

So tell me one thing. Why do we waste any minute or even second to give power to any negative thought? ( “What happens if we don´t reach the target?”)

Dear Members, please cancel it. Right away! And DECIDE TO go full blast and WIN THE GAME!

What can we DO? (Following are just some ideas - you don´t have to)

0. If you haven´t yet, decide to turn to the positive side. Become enthusiastic about this GPP Deadline and decide to play that game full blast!

2. Activate your downline members and make them totally enthusiastic.
3. Make sure the members in your downline read the announcements of Stella and maybe also this forum post that you read right now. Make sure that they somehow get hold of them. Print them out and send it to them if they don´t have a computer to go into the forum.

4. Speak to all your guys around you, even though they might have said NO in the first place. Tell them that this is their last chance to jump into the boat. And with all your enthusiasm and positive glooming in your eyes I am sure some of them will change their mind and jump!!!

5. Get inventive and creative about who you can make very, very happy with such a membership. What about orphans or other children in need in your vicinity? What about people who lost their job and really need some help? There are hundreds and thousands of opportunities how you could HELP other human beings. You would become so proud of yourself that you unselfishly did something for someone else. For only 30 ridiculous Euro!

6. EVERY SUCCESS you have, doing 1-5 above – PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE FORUM!!!! We will not censor your successes. We love to issue them! Other members will be so thankful for new ideas and inspirations.

Get going man, get going! THAT is the right direction!

Pretend you are in the final of the soccer, basketball or whatever world championship. Give ALL you have! Isn´t that something one can get excited about?

So let us not waste even one second to negativity, failure, misery. This is the dark side of the power!


And if we can become a real united team that really sticks together, each one taking a little bit more responsibility - honestly – we could be finished by end of July!

And you know what. We will all be sooo proud of us!!

There is an honor you can earn for yourself:

* * * The proud certainty of achieved accomplishments! * * *

Let us play this game and win.

Happiness is the overcoming of not unknowable obstacles towards a known goal.

We DO have some obstacles, but they are not so high, we DO have a goal, it is worth fighting for and we all will achieve a lot of happiness.

Victory parties will soon be celebrated all over the planet!


All the best, neverland

PS: You can ALWAYS write to me under

Comment by Neverland - February 3, 2008 @ 10:53 pm



I believe in this........They have a bank now and as I understand everything is OK!!!!!!
I have some problems with signing up a new member.....
How to get in to it and find all those numbers I have to fill in for my new gpp members...stella said that you still can sign up new members...
BUT HOW..........I don´t understand

Comment by 3xkkk - February 4, 2008 @ 1:39 am


Well the Easter Bunny sure cant spell. Or make sense. If the GPP's team member died last night than How Are We To Get Paid? Keep it real even if its not.

Are you the fake Stella and Neverland? Cause you sure aint the Easter bunny. He at least is real! Lol We all are maybe having a bit of fun but even If there is a small chance then lets go with it. If its not "real" then we all lost a bit of time and some money. Iv'e heard of scammers that target a small amount of people for big $$$.

This is a large amount of people for not too big a $$ cost on a chance.

So lets just say that any one that bought too many policies which cost you big dollars or more than you could spare to lose well that was your silly decision.

I like to hear any ones facts about the GPP good or bad, Any one else think thats the point. Keeping it real SM.

P.S a note to JH
Thanks for your info, but I think you must be an accountant or something cause I get a little lost with all that numbers and %ages stuff. Always interested in your views anyway.

Comment by SM - February 4, 2008 @ 8:55 am



Contact me and I will explain all.

rocksme2004 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Any other people having problems with signups or e-currency accounts I've got answers.


Comment by Rocket - February 4, 2008 @ 10:59 am


Why do some people have a negative attitude? Because there are minority of people willing to take advantage of people's positive attitude out there. It's sad that whenever we see an apparent opportunity we have to consider whether someone is trying to trick us, but time and time again that is what has happened. So whenever we see something that looks too good to be true (e.g. "Free money if you send us a small transaction fee!"), it is quite natural (and sensible) to be a bit suspicious. And I'm naturally suspicious of anyone who tells me not to be too, Neverland.

Comment by John - February 4, 2008 @ 11:13 am


Well haven't been on this site for a while and I have to say that the comments are very interesting. Quite a few of the bloggers on here seem to want to censure information as much as GPP do- why only post the positive when the negative is also part fo the circle? You can't accept and focus only on the positive without fully understanding the risks and the negatives- purely a part of life... and as has been mentioned several times- it is human nature to look at the negative when there is no positive information and progress.

A regular update from GPP would no doubt help to allay people's fears, as would more positive info over who they are and who they are delaing with. If this scheme is legit and not illegal then at this stage in the game there can be no harm in releasing details.

Having worked in financial services and now working as a lawyer, I have to say- having looked at this with professionals on both sides of the fence (financial and legal) that this does look to be a scam. No one has heard of any of these schemes (and at one point there were 6 or so running- varying in size from 10,000 members to over 100,000) actually paying out a penny- with Easy Pension Plan (one of the others I heard of) having closed its site, without any payout!

For information- I AM A MEMBER of GPP- like several others, I took the chance it was legit and hope for all involved that it is real- however upon further investigation and like JH getting people to do the sums and investigations, it does not look to be real and I have not bought any additional "policies" as a precaution. I may kick myself in the future if it came to fruitition, however at the moment, I am glad I haven't as this is now not going to close by the looks of things any time soon and I have better uses for my money!

What happened to the payouts between 9th and 15th Feb? A month by month running scheme? What legit trustee partner is going to accept that? They have to get billions of pounds together to payout to members and they don't know when? How on earth can it be run like this if it is not a scam...

I admit to still hoping the payout will happen as I know it will change people's lives- my kids could go to uni with no worries about finance- I just can't see it happening and the more it goes on the less likely it is to happen...

Comment by Goosey - February 4, 2008 @ 11:31 am


Well One thing I can say, is that at least the GPP doesnt have a tonne of cookies in it. All the other internet schemes for making money Ive researched so far do. If thats a plus I dunno!!!! I guess we should always check our computer on a regular basis. These actually came from the " This is a scam" sites. " So check out the ones we've researched that are not" garbage!!!!

Comment by SM - February 4, 2008 @ 11:33 am


I am speechless. I just finished reading the post by Neverland (post 220). I truly don't know how to respond to what was said. He stated, "There is no reason whatsoever to become negative". What?!!! Are you kidding me? Everything that has been relayed by Stella has not come true. We are now in a month-to-month holding pattern and have just read a rah rah post to go out and sign more members? Neverland, if you are real, have you truly been reading these post? Instead of making people more at ease, I'm sure that 80 percent of those who read your post, will be infuriated. If you really were trying to instill confidence, you would have addressed some of the issues that people are stating. Such as:
1. What about those that have solved their own bank solution.
2. Why can't those who don't want to use your solution be paid out in February as previously stated?
3. If this is real, why had not the banking solution been put in place well before now?
4. It has been stated that "the company that is providing the solution has now submitted their application for a financial license". Do you think that is something given overnight?
5. It was also stated by Stella that "building the online-part of the solution is being started shortly". Analysis alone for an application like that can take months, let alone the actual construction and testing of such a site. Why has nothing been said about this?

I could go on and on as could many others reading this. And you wonder why people are negative? Get real. Better yet, everyone reading this get real. Do not sign up another person!!! If they were real that would have at least adhered to the dealine for signing up people. That way they would not appear to be the money hustling scammers that they are coming across as. All of us who signed up had dreams beyond all logical sense of making money from something that was cloudy at best. It's time now to see the things about this scheme that are presenting themselves quite clearly and not continue looking thru fantasyland glasses. Continue to hope. What else is there to do? - We've already paid the money. But don't send them another red cent. It's time to show that we are not going to continue to be total idiots.

Comment by Joseph - February 4, 2008 @ 5:34 pm



I am living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many of my friends who have joined GPP are countings days to be millionaire as Stella just came over to discuss about Banking Solutions. For your info, government of Malaysia is very strict on internet scams. Various platforms were banned recently including famous Swiss Cash. Probably Stella came over to recently to convince that GPP is real....

Comment by shar - February 4, 2008 @ 6:21 pm


As usual with these scams they tend to be their own worst enemies and betray themselves with their own BS and contradictions. As I said, they're not smart enough to pull this off convincingly as they move forward and simply dig themselves into deeper holes with their own lies and greed. As an example from 'Neverland's' post above:

"Now Stella has come up with numerous additional payment methods. Can you imagine how much work that was for her? Maybe you think she has 20 or 30 staff and it was easy. Oh no. She is doing all the work. So what about supporting her a bit!"

First, he expects members to believe that a real company dealing with +100,000 members and a multi-BILLION dollar deal at risk actually would operate with ONE support person who also is in charge of the web site as well as globe-trotting around with the "Trust Partners" to negotiate "banking solutions."

Second, it's an insult to the existing "members" that they show no concern over month-long delays to responding to email and other problems and focus only on being "positive" and signing up new members to bring in more money for them, which, obviously, isn't being spent in any way that helps current members. They've taken in over $4 or $5 million and they can't even respond to members? That should tell you where the money is going and where their priorities are.

Third, this directly contradicts past statements by them that "Stella" was working with a "team" of people behind her and simply acting as the interface to members. So are they lying now or were they lying then?

And another example...

"We will be finished by end of Febuary! Isn´t that great? Isn´t that gorgeous?"

No, they obviously won't. It's Feb. 3 now with no sign that they are any closer to ending this. In fact they have stated the opposite in recent updates regarding the time to put a banking solution in place, there's no action on receiving documentation, and no substantive information rather he offers up some "think positive" article and happy-speak.

And another example...

"Speak to all your guys around you, even though they might have said NO in the first place. Tell them that this is their last chance to jump into the boat. And with all your enthusiasm and positive glooming in your eyes I am sure some of them will change their mind and jump!!!"

"5. Get inventive and creative about who you can make very, very happy with such a membership. What about orphans or other children in need in your vicinity? What about people who lost their job and really need some help? There are hundreds and thousands of opportunities how you could HELP other human beings. You would become so proud of yourself that you unselfishly did something for someone else. For only 30 ridiculous Euro!"

Again, their greed betrays them. By any count they are well beyond the target number of members, yet their only focus is on signing up more people.

Joseph above is correct. The only way that this will ever come to a close is if they no longer are receiving new money in. They've met the targets well over by now. New members don't help existing members and in fact are more likely to just cause futher delays with additional individual problems that must be addressed by their ONE support person as well as increasing the overall workload and time. Eve if you believe in this, then your best course of action is to STOP SENDING THEM MONEY, STOP PROMOTING, and STOP SIGNING UP NEW MEMBERS.

Comment by JH - February 4, 2008 @ 6:47 pm


"P.S a note to JH
Thanks for your info, but I think you must be an accountant or something cause I get a little lost with all that numbers and %ages stuff. Always interested in your views anyway."

That's what they're counting on... that nobody looks closely at the numbers. I'll try to make it as simple as possible:

- The "bank" financing the transaction and providing all of the funding for this to work will make on average about a 1% to 2% return on money invested. This is a ridiculous return and NO bank will do this. More accurately, they actually would be losing money after their own cost of money which is higher than that, plus inflation, plus "opportunity costs" since it would be tied up here versus in higher-yielding investments. And losing a LOT of money at the BILLIONS involved here. So there is no feasible source for the funding that drives all of the rest of the deal as it is oulined using their own numbers.

- The individuals are said to make $55,000 to $110,000 depending on age or an amount that's equal to over 8000% on their money put in. Why does an investment trust with the key to their business being achieving the highest possible return on their money simply give away more than they or the bank putting at risk BILLIONS of dollars will receive? Easy answer - they wouldn't especially when they don't have to. They could have proposed this as $500 for each member with the same results and actually a more believeable story.

Easy enough? In other words, their own numbers don't add up and show this to be a fraud centered as with all such schemes around presenting an unrealistically high return to "investors" and just filling in the blanks in the story with BS numbers that they don't expect anyone to actually check. The $55,000/$110,000 is complete fantasy and is used only as bait to lure people into this scam.

Comment by JH - February 4, 2008 @ 8:36 pm


I like the way Neverland and Stella are trying to reassure everyone.

Like any Big store advertising they put on a date to get us the customer to piss or get off the pot.

I can just imagine the amount of polices they got after the dead line was in place.

These people are looking to cash in.

This scam is giving someone a real good living...

Comment by Busting Gut - February 5, 2008 @ 2:43 am



That was a moving piece for encouragement (220). I think that I could use that for encouragement and motivation. It is unfortunate however, that such words are being used on this scam. Why would this company still be looking for suckers to continue on sending money. Wasn't this supposed to closed already?


I must laugh at your "form" to fill out. I have not recently read the posts completely yet, but this was a joke, right? If not, it sure was funny. Perhaps a PDF could be established so that I could donate my $50,000. Be sure to include an address!

Oh, everyone, I have a banking solution for you.... Use Bank of America! I'll pay the taxes! Try that one, instead of these bogus online banks. Each one that I've seen is on a page that lists about 30 online banks that are listed as suspicious or completely bogus!

Where is the bank? Why is it hiding, especially since it is 'overseas! Why can't your money be recovered one it's sent??!!!
Try to do that if you will. Answer, because they take the cash and run. Well actually not run, but sit there and continue to collect cash.

I must say, this is funny... Stella. Who is this clown! Good job at scamming! I am disgused that you continue to rob people, but I'll give you credit, you did so without even giving a complete name! You are a good one! A real good one. So have her, if it is a her, which I actually don't believe, and tell us your last name!!
So, those dollars are being held until this solution is found huh? What are you doing with the interest that your company... I mean you are getting. Well if you did have it onhand, that could add up in itself to a tidy sum... especially oftr a good 2 yrs or so... But it not there anyway. Nice house and other goods though huh?

Now now, let's stay positive! I'm sure that this money is being enjoyed by someone! No, I'm positive! LOL...

I sure would like to be proven wrong, especially since my wife did this agains my will. Tell you what, she's betting on this thing. I'll get a lotery ticket. At least I know that I have a chance at getting something... Not a certainty that someone else is...

So, anyone agree with that... Comments?

Comment by MikeCheck - February 5, 2008 @ 3:45 am


The Pension Plan Mechanism

All a question of timing and co-operation.

Once the 100K registered qualifying membership are assembled the Insurance Company will issue 100,000 pensions, each worth 200,000 Euros and with a total value of 20 Billion Euros, to each of the registered qualifying members – those under 66 years of age. Practically, these will be issued to the Trust Partner on behalf of the 100k qualifying members, so that the Trust Partner can mortgage/raise a loan against these valuable pensions for 60% of their value, 12 Billion Euros. That is the big picture.

So your pension is worth 200,000 Euros. The Trust Partner raises 60% of it's value by mortgaging/borrowing against it, i.e. 120,000 Euros. By agreement with the Insurance Company, the Trust Partner is allowed to delay paying for the pension until the 60% mortgage/loan is raised against each pension. Having raised the mortgage/loan the Trust Partners immediately pay the Insurance Company 41,000 Euros, the single and only pension premium for each Pension Plan - 4.1 Billion Euros.

120,000 Euros - 41,000 Euros leaves 79,000 Euros.

The Trust Partners then pay each qualifying member 55,000 Euros to purchase from them their pension plans. At this point all benefits, and liabilities, including the liability to repay the mortgage/loan and interest, pass to the Trust Partners. The Trust Partners now own outright each qualifying member’s pension plan.

79,000 Euros - 55,000 Euros leaves 24,000 Euros.

Consider this as the marketing budget, to locate and sign up each qualifying member. The Trust Partners decided that they wished to assemble the membership via network marketing, as this would be faster and not involve them raising their own staffing levels, overhead, office accommodation, etc., for this one off transaction.

So having decided on network marketing, they were able to offer a very generous 2,000 Euros Loyalty Reward for the sign up of each member, whether they qualify for the Pension Plan or just participate in the Loyalty Reward Scheme. The 24,000 Euros budget also enabled them to carry this through 12 levels of downline, to enable the marketer to create momentum in his or her downline and thus assemble the 100K membership as quickly as possible.

We are sorry that the above explanation is a bit long winded but it is very important that you understand how clever and innovative this transaction is and how we can each benefit from it HUGELY, at 2,000 Euros per sign-up.

The £23 is just a membership registration fee, which presumably helps to fund the admin. including the software consultants who support the websites. I hope that this satisfies you and opens your eyes to the potential of this creative plan.

By the way, the Trust Partners receive 8 Billion Euros gross, over time, enabling them to repay the mortgages/loans with the funds from matured pensions. This is the remaining 40% of the 20 Billion Euros total value.

Even the disbursement bank benefits by gaining 100K new accounts, some of which are substantially funded.

Everyone wins!!! Especially us!!!

Comment by Stella - February 5, 2008 @ 4:17 am


The 30 Euro Dollars is not the investment dollars in this program.

$20 Billion Dollars is being invested by a bank.

That money already exists!

They need 100,000 real existing people with identification to agree to be insured with a 200,000 Euro dollar endowment insurance policy.

This is like having a partnership with a bank that is willing to invest all the money.

In this partnership each member agrees to sell their endowment insurance policy at a discount to be paid now. (Also known as a Reverse Pension Plan, not having to wait till the maturity of the endowment policy.)

Run a google search and you will see many companies buying and selling Endowment policies.

The 30 euro dollars is a membership fee only aiding administration costs for running Global Pension Plan.

The bank is investing into each member for profit of course and each member will profit also.

If you are thinking about joining GPP their is a small window of opportunity left, you will need to act quickly as the insrunace compnay is sorting through all the signups and discarding the incomplete signups at this time.

Refunds are being made to members who didn’t signup correctly and are given the opportunity to signup again using information as it appears on their identification.

Comment by Stella - February 5, 2008 @ 4:19 am


Well MikeCheck, maybe we should get your answers and our answers from the so called "Stella" as it seems she likes to have an imput on this page (Apparently).So too! does the Easter Bunny.

We are all just killing time here cause, most of us are still hoping. But I hope not Buying. If you still buy policies you are not helping anyone. As JH said we are not helping any of our downline or any new members if we do. Cough Up GPP and put your money where your mouth is, or should I say your piddly little comments that lack any real detail.

If you do read this site Stella, than know just one thing you will always lose what you steal. Its the law of the universe. With out a doubt.

Comment by SM - February 5, 2008 @ 6:19 am


Question to Shar, What exactly are you trying to say? Did you meet Stella or what? You Say she just came over to discuss the banking solution.

What evidence DO YOU have of Stella's so-called visit?

Comment by SM - February 5, 2008 @ 6:29 am


Thanks JH for the explanation of all of that. I too didnt quite understand all of it. I guess that is what GPP was counting on, not many people including myself would have worked it out or really wanted to work it out because we just wanted to dream the impossible dream of being financialy free. I knew it was too good to be true but when you have kids, a mortgage and my car is ready to fall apart on me I wanted to hold on to something that might get me out of this financial strian that I bought myself a membership and a few extra polocies and lived in hope that this will work out, but as I read what stella informed us in the forum I was jolted into reality.

Month by month step is what did it for me, GPP will go on and on if everyone keeps buying extra polocies and signing up new members. So people please STOP purchasing these polocies so we can see whether they will pay up once everyone has stopped buying or if they just disappear into cyber space and never to be heard from again....

Comment by jennifer - February 5, 2008 @ 7:03 am


If this is all legitimate Stella then why does it feel that we are all just spending our time winging and not WINNING....!!!

" Especially us". Is your last comment. Is that because you need to clarify things here in order to get us to buy more policies?? Or could It possibly be that what you say is true, you guys actually do make way more money than us...

If that is true, I think that is great, we ALL do WIN. Give us a break and payout as you said you would to the PEOPLE with their own BANKING SOLUTIONS and deal with the rest of the silly people that want to risk TAX evasion in their country to get theirs when you have it sorted out.

P.S For all those who DO want to use the so called Banking Solution be careful of your spending habits in the future, cause If and when you get your payout, they may ask how you can suddenly afford things that you have never been able to afford before. They wont, most probably match your usual Spending Habits.

First thought that comes to mind is the Taxation department. Don't you think they may wonder where your money is coming from... What are you going to say. "Its from over seas even though I have never lived there". Watch the handcuffs!!!

Even people in power get caught..

Comment by SM - February 5, 2008 @ 4:18 pm


I'd be curious to know, if Stella, (who is supposedly finnish like me), know's anything about finnish laws regarding insurances... Here's the link(in finnish):

Link to PDF

I've been noticing that GPP has done some recruiting of members here in Finland also. And according to authorities who are monitoring insurance business here, this sort of business that GPP is doing is illegal because they haven't acquired any permits for providing insurances. That's what it basically says in the link.
If it looks like shit, smells like shit,tastes like shit, then it's most likely shit. It doesn't turn to chocolate pudding if you really believe in it. Somebody compared it to lottery before, where you can get a good return for small money, but in this GPp-lottery, the winning line is never drawn...

Comment by Rokka - February 5, 2008 @ 4:43 pm


What i was trying to inform this forum is, friends and relatives who bought the policy were so excited now as based on the GPP forum, Stella wrote that she just came back from Kuala Lumpur to solve their banking solutions. Of course I didnt meet her, not sure whether she really came as claimed. I know GPP program is a real SCAM but I pity those that I know keep on buying additional policies and most are not earning that much. Not easy to convince them that GGP program is actually a SCAM. As for myself, I am not worry at all as I was not convinced with this program after all!


Comment by shar - February 5, 2008 @ 5:36 pm


I keep receiving emails concerning Global Pension Insurance Trust and Mr. Ben Siegler. It looks like quite a few people have confused Mr. Siegler's offer for our offer. I don't know if it's done intentionally by this gentleman or if the people haven't been careful enough when signing up.

I tell you one more time, that...

Mr. Ben Siegler's Global Pension Insurance Trust has nothing to do with Global Pension Plan, nor does Global Pension Plan have anything do with his offer!

Please pass this for your downlines and make them understand the truth!

Thank you!


Comment by Stella - February 5, 2008 @ 9:46 pm


Dear Members,

We have finally figured out the deadline for the program, and
here it comes! This is going to give the members a clear schedule
how to work towards the rewards.

- program will be closed on the 31st of December 2007

- documents have to be provided during January 2008

- payout will be between the 15th and 29th of February 2008

- to qualify for the 55.000EUR Compensation, member must
not turn 67 years before the 1st of February 2008

- to qualify for the 110.000EUR Compensation, member must
not turn 28 years before the 1st of February 2008

To make the short story a little bit longer, we are going to close
the program on the very last day of year 2007. This gives you all
enough time to complete the profiles and recheck the information
you have provided. Also, there is enough time to handle all the
inactivation and downline modification requests (please see my
earlier update).

The recently launched 250,000 Additional Policies campaing doens't
have any effect on this closure date. If we only sold 10,000 Additional
Policies, or all 250,000 of them, the program will be closed on the 31st
of December 2007.

The ID copies and the agreements (latter will be downloadable in the
member area starting on the first of January 2008) must be returned
during January. There is one full month to send us what we need
and that should be enough for every single member. Full instructions
of how to complete this step will be available during December.

And the date that matters you the most is the payout date. The Trust
Partner has worked with the insurance company to be able to shorten
the policy handling time after all the members have provided the
documents. The payout is projected to happen between 15th and 29th
of February 2008.

Members, who turn 67 before the 1st of February 2008, will not qualify
for the Compensation. So, if you turn 67 on the 1st of February or later,
you are on the safe side and will qualify for the Compensation.

Members, who turn 28 before the 1st of February 2008, will not qualify
for the 110.000EUR Compensation. So, if you turn 28 on the 1st of
February or later, you are on the safe side and will qualify for the
higher, 110.000EUR Compensation. But If you turn 28 before the 1st of
February 2008, you will still qualify for the 55.000EUR Compensation.

I am sure this update clarifies a huge amount of confusion amongst
the members. Please share the latest news with your group and
assure them that we are on the track heading to the great success!

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

Dear Members,

The dates published above will NOT be changes, so there is no need to be worried.

To remind you:

- to qualify for the 55.000EUR Compensation, member must
not turn 67 years before the 1st of February 2008

- to qualify for the 110.000EUR Compensation, member must
not turn 28 years before the 1st of February 2008


Comment by Stella - February 5, 2008 @ 9:47 pm


Running out of new BS psuedo-"Stella?" lol That's way out of date. Have to dredge up the old stuff now? And so we get a new activate button? WOW! Was there something wrong with the old one that was already pushed? And rehashes of old info about IDs and Ben Siegler? Whooptie-freakin-doo. Great to see that you're making such "progress." lol!

Comment by JH - February 6, 2008 @ 12:49 am


Well said Rokka.

My friend Stella, why don't you send us a PDF file for us to fill out? You do know what a PDF file is don't you? Surely you can send a PDF showing letterhead, even with even the smallest amount of info... In other words, show me that you have the ability to make the file at all. Someone handling 20 Billion surely has this capability...

By the way, what is the name of this Bank with the 20 Billion? Surely you can give that out. That would have nothing to do with your... Tell you what, why don't you use that bank for your solution!

People, please do not get duped into sending these clowns any further money. Please do not!!!

ACTIONS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN WORDS! They have presented many words. NO ACTION!!!

Goodness, there is another scam with some Global Pension Insurance Trust with a Mr. Ben Siegler! You mean that you couldn't even come up with a different name! HA HA HA! Just let me find out more about that one.. Ha!

I'm afraid that I will have to post these thoughts on every site as this that I can find! A true waste of time, but I'll have the benefit of preventing further taking advantage of others...

Stella, what's the deal w/ your english. A bit better than before but don't you think that it should be better handling all of these millions, I mean Billions?

Yes although i spent a couple of dollars on this, I'm still angry! I remeber hearing that the policies were going to be half price for some period of time... Guess the dollars were starting to dry up huh?

PEOPLE Do not buy more policies! For goodness sake, show yourselves just ONE DOLLAR, just ONE from this scam!

Do this for us, I might even believe you... NOT! But do this for others still beleving in this these few things. Surely you can do this...
1) Show a PDF (Like I said, if you know what one is).
2) What's your last name
3) Which bank is holding thse 20 Billion. This should be outrageoly easy!
4) Where in Africa, are you located? Hmmm I mean which country are you in? Tell us something about ehre you are or any info as noted in 239 by Rokka.

I hope that I can ruin your flow of nonsense!

Someone tell me of other places that I can post this so that I can "direct people to "wait" on this payout!

Stella, please comment before I go on a posting marathon! Better do it fast too! Found one already! Get ready, set, (you are up)! I'm waiting~~

Mike Check

Comment by MikeCheck - February 6, 2008 @ 2:23 am


According to what Stella wrote below, she says the payout is still going to occur in February.

I wonder why she would even post this today unless she knows something she hasn't shared with GPP members yet???

Posted October 2007

Dear Members,
"payout will be between the 15th and 29th of February 2008"

Posted 2-5-2008

Dear Members,
The dates published above will NOT be changes, so there is no need to be worried.

Is anyone worried???

Comment by Rocket - February 6, 2008 @ 9:27 am


Try although not as good: Link. Ill look 4 your comment Mike Check.

Comment by SM - February 6, 2008 @ 12:35 pm


Actually everyone just google Reverse global pension plan comment sites. There is plenty of them to comment in. Lets stop the new policies being bought. I like Bens the best though, but who cares people need to read them all.

Comment by SM - February 6, 2008 @ 12:49 pm


Okay, let’s set a few things straight here:

(1) their c-gold account has not been hacked !!!
Their WEBSITE has been hacked, their scripts changed and payments diverted to another c-gold account.

(2) we suspended the account in question and saved a large chunk of gold

(3) we told GPP about their problem

(4) they never contacted us, nor replied to us, but are now trying to make out as if their c-gold got hacked, which is utter bullocks.

And all of the above makes me wonder aloud just exactly how professional the operators actually are.

For good measure, just suspended their account, lest they make any further incorrect claims about us. It doesn’t pay to crap inside your living room, you know…

The suspension will be lifted once they come clean and admit that this had noting to do with c-gold whatsoever, and that it was their site that was hacked…


Comment by Stella - February 6, 2008 @ 6:45 pm


One thing I’ve noticed about GPP. They are really trying to make sure all of the people who signed up first will be included in the payout.
Otherwise it will just be more delays for the members who have everything ready.

They collected over 100,000 members and could have easily replaced the early members who have incomplete profiles with the latest recruits that signed up correctly.
It appears a hacker has disabled the processing ability for Liberty Reserve to communicate with the Global Pension Plan website

Be patient this occured about 6 weeks ago with e-bullion.

They were able to resolve the issue and got the website up and running.

For those who doubt the intentions of GPP, I received a refund for $161.50 from Stela the administrator for the last hacker attack resulting in signup errors.

“Speak to all your guys around you, even though they might have said NO in the first place. Tell them that this is their last chance to jump into the boat. And with all your enthusiasm and positive glooming in your eyes I am sure some of them will change their mind and jump!!!”

I’m beginning to believe the delay isn’y GPP, but instead all of the incorrect signups.

Stella has been sorting through all of them that the Insurance company had rejected for incomplete signed up members.

So anyone who signed up and paid be sure to check and see if your name is complete first middle and last, spelled correctly and matches your birth certificate or government issued ID including your birthdate.

Be sure to put your user name and password in a safe place.

If you have lost your ID or birth certificate you better get it replaced quickly.

[Edit and Reminder from Ben: Your IP address is logged with every comment - please DO NOT pretend to be somebody else]

Comment by Stella - February 6, 2008 @ 6:48 pm


But we have not sent our how do they know if if matches or not?? How do they know if there are incomplete sign-ups?

Comment by Magoo - February 6, 2008 @ 7:17 pm


Greetings to Stella from Finland.

Somehow as a finn, I'm doubtful of Stellas finnish origin (as we were informed in her interview). But if she truly is finnish, it shouldn't be difficult to find her, stella is not a common name here. Since there's only ca. 270 Stellas in Finland that fit the profile(under 60&over 18). And if Stella is lying about her origin, why would she be telling the truth about things regarding GPP... In some forum, one argument was: why bother to do such a complicated scam for only 3million €. I think it's a good fee for few years work of scamming people. The smart idea of this scam is that not many people are going to file charges over 30€, after all it's fairly small amount of money. Why scam few people for 3mil. when you can scam 100000 suckers for same amount, with little bit more effort and lot less problems once you're finally exposed as a scam...

Comment by Rokka - February 6, 2008 @ 7:56 pm


Hocus Pocus and it's gone.....

All mentions of delaying the payout have been deleterd from the GPP forum. It's like it never existed. It's like it was never posted. Where did that post go??? Does anyone have a copy of the orginal post??? I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People I know are mad at me...because I told them what it said on the site and when they went on the gpp site it was gone....

This lady is going to loose her house... shes going to loose her business.... because she trust Stella and her band of thieves.

shes is 12 grand behind in her mortgage payments and is soooooooo counting on this money.

She was the one who turned me on to this scam of a program...and she says she is sorry she did because I'm waaaaaay to negative.

TELL ME ANYONE WHERE DID THAT POST GO...?? The one where it says they are going to take it month to month...and don't worry there is a lot of time left to sign up???

Comment by Busting Gut - February 6, 2008 @ 11:26 pm



Direct from Stella, GPP administrator.

Dear Members,

I have just come back from Kuala Lumpur, where we had further meetings concerning the program and the Banking Solution. We didn’t meet a single obstacle during the discussions, the only uncertain thing is the time-frame.

The company, who’s going to provide the solution, is applying for the financial license shortly. They are preparing the paper-work at the moment and then they are submitted for the fast-track processing. Also building the online-part of the solution is being started shortly. I am not aware of the exact specifications yet, but my humble comment and request was to make it as user-friendly as possible.

The Banking Solution will be far superior solution to the personal bank account. This will eliminate the fear of having the funds frozed by your local bank because of a sudden sizable deposit, that differs from the normal daily and monthly transactions. A big number of members have contacted us because of this fear, and I must admit it’s for real. The size of the transaction are going to be that big, that as soon as they hit your account, the national central bank will start asking questions. That really isn’t a problem, as the funds are coming from a legal origin, but it’s very trouble-some, frustrating and time-consuming for you. Thus this will be avoided as well as possible.

The Trust Partner has asked me not to close the site, i.e. the sign ups and additional policy purchases until the Banking Solution is ready and is being launched. Hence you can, if you so wish, sign up and buy additional policies without hurry. You can also update the profiles if needed.

We will go in one month steps from here, meaning that the site is open for one full calender month until the situation is reviewed again. For example, if the Banking Solution is fixed during February, I will close the site in the end of February and no more purchases is accepted. I think it’s better to know this in advance and not trying to guess the date in case this and that happens.

The member support is working on and off. I have to travel a lot and join different meetings with the Trust Partner and other partners related to the program, and this will prevent me from answering emails every single day. I promise to do my best anyway!

More information will be available soon!


Comment by Busting Gut - February 6, 2008 @ 11:41 pm


Busting Gut, it is still there .... go to:

Global Pension Plan Forum Index -> Admin News & Announcements ->
February 2008 Update

Comment by snartmor - February 7, 2008 @ 12:35 am


Dear Busting Gut lol, there is 3 forum ont GPP site, lol so before you hit panic buton....And if someone is about to go bankrupt because they invested in Global ?? i mean!!! Anyways, they wont go bankrupt because Global WILL pay out this nouth

here are the diferent buton Busting gut

1- The Final Step
How to get the payout? This is the most important folder from now on until the payout reaches your account.
2- Admin News & Announcements
All news and announcements will go here. PLEASE READ THE LATEST NEWS!
3- General Discussion
General discussion folder

Please have someone help you with computer
meanwhile, stop being negative


Comment by Stella - February 7, 2008 @ 4:21 am


Stella, are you doing a spell check? I do try to but its much more important that you do.

P.S The latest posting yesterday the 6th of Feb is not much. We already know that stuff. (IE. How our age Effects the payment amount). We need information about something new. This will then Affect our attitudes. Like for instance how the banking solution is going and why all those that cant get paid even though they have their own Banking solution still have to wait. That was not the original deal..

To be "negative" is to counteract!!!On the act. Be Fair, even if not business like.

Comment by SM - February 7, 2008 @ 7:56 am


Lets make some comments on this empty site.

Comment by SM - February 7, 2008 @ 8:58 am


I'm glad someone has received a refund for their failed signups. I sent the first email on December 1st. In December I had 4 failed signups, sent a message, and have heard nothing. I sent the funds to my sponsor's sponsor, so she could try to signup members, and her first signup failed. She also has sent an email to Stella for a refund, and has not heard anything. I realize that getting the banking solution and wrapping this thing up so we can get paid is a priority, but I think waiting 2 1/2 months for a refund is a bit rediculous. I'm trying to stay positive. I have quite a bit of money invested in this.

I’ve just tried to get into the site, and the gateway is down.

Comment by Kim - February 7, 2008 @ 6:12 pm


hello, the banking solution is comming but you need to understand that this has to stay quiet for the moment. This will be legal, but we dont want anybody to start checking on this (goverment, etc.)So again, be patient....

Comment by Stella - February 7, 2008 @ 8:21 pm


Hey Ben - can you please block the idiot posting as "Stella?" It's one thing to do a few times as a joke, but continuing to do so is misleading and (apparently) is believed by some of your readers here.

Comment by JH - February 7, 2008 @ 9:05 pm


Thanks JH. I must admit to being one of those confused by the "Stella" postings. To the jerk posing as Stella, if thats the case. Get a life!

Comment by Joseph - February 8, 2008 @ 12:43 am


I am not surprised that one of the scammers would block me from the blog... The had me blocked... Something about a spammer... HA! When you are caught wrong, YOU ARE WRONG!

People consider this action when considering sending more money!

Again please note... There was no answer on anything!!! One word... SCAMMER!

Please send no more money!!!


Comment by MikeCheck - February 8, 2008 @ 2:59 am


By the way, as my previous post as, I see was deleted on the 6th... I'd you, my friends to see this once again....

LH, I agree with everything you've said. I hope hat you know that I gree w/ you on this scam...

Also thank you to the admistrators for getting me back on....

This is what I left on one of the other blogs... This was for Luc, a probable Stella clone...



I’m sorry to offend. Actually I was referring to Stella, not Sara. Nonetheless, I can appreciate your close relationship with Stella. Perhaps I could get to know her better myself…

Indeed, you mentioned that people such as myself do not get much in life…. Why is this? I’m not one to be negative. Trully I am not. Actually I do believe however, that scammers often do get a lot of things in life, to include others MONEY.

Luc, curious, I never said anything about you cheating us…

Ha, you mention that you and your friends have this info about Stella that you don’t want to release…. Ha, I’m sorry but I must laugh. How did you then get to be so privledged to be able to speak directly with her?

Ok… I will say that I can understand that no one would be willing/ nor should provide personal information about themselves. Stella however, is handling, as you mention, thousands of people’s money. How is it that she would handle all of this money, provide only a first name, and no address to have any type of location to send information to?

Might I ask this of you, a personal favor, to myself and the good members of this program… Could you I ask Stella to provide a phone number that we might call into for information? Surely there is a recording that we could listen to? Goodness, is there a number at all?

Hmmm, why would a bank, any bank not want to be known? If I’m not mistaken, banks want you to bank with them…. Not hide in some location holdong money away in some secret location…. Like, hmmm, LIKE THIS ONE! NONSENSE!

Hmmm again…. This bank, where these monies are now, what is their phone number? Oh yea, it’s also a secret…. Just like the domain name and information, and Stella’s name (Holding our millions), Any type of address for any segment of the entire program, any type of phone number, or any valid information AT ALL!

Oh yea, let me not have the information of the bank, yet to be determined, destroy the entire program… Goodness, this might just give the fabulous reason to disappear! It’ll happen soon anyway…. Soon as the dollars stop flowing!

Let me ask you another question, that I’ll bet that you won’t address…. Do YOU want us to submit more of those juicy contracts? Mmmm, money! Or do you think that we should just wait until this program finally pays out, so that we might invest into the next program comes along?

I’m asking YOU that question. Afraid to answer that one to us contract holders huh? I'll bet that you wont!


Comment by MikeCheck - February 8, 2008 @ 3:20 am


hello bunch of losers, negative,no confident, fake, empty soul God must be sad when he sees ppl like you !! make me burf

[Edit by Ben: This comment was made by the person who signs themselves off as "Stella"]

Comment by hate Loosers - February 8, 2008 @ 3:37 am


I say SHOW ME THE MONEY! Before any of us invest in any future Reverse endowment schemes. Then we do know, at least they are not SCAMS... Its a shame that human nature could possibly be, to rip off others. Do un to others as you would have done un to you. Why Is this a true saying? Because:

We are all on the same planet and feel things the same and hard times should give us compassion. Being selfish never got any one anywhere. Only bad Karma.

Im not sure if those posts are Stella either But if so then It cant hurt to comment to her! If not then what the Hell is the false person getting out of it, I ask you?? I cant think of anything they would gain.

Comment by SM - February 8, 2008 @ 6:06 am


Hmmm, Looks like Stella is calling us loosers now. I knew it... Stella plan on your dollars to start drying up.... I'm going to post this everywhere I can. People I invite you to do the same!!

Take the contract...NOT!

SM, please show me where your dollars are stored? Some bogus internet bank? Bet you can't site one example of where anyone has received anything!!! I invite you to show mw an example!


Comment by MikeCheck - February 8, 2008 @ 1:49 pm


Have to sya at the moment I have enough to worry about without needing to ahve to constantly keep checking what GPP is or isn't doing but as I still hope it all works out, I, like many others am spending my precious time checking this site, temathemco site and the GPP site to see what the hell is going on.

Have activated the active member button again- just in case- would hate to miss out on my money for not having activated it! (what a joke!) Am glad to see that the acceotable ID now includes birth certificates- I will happily send mine in as these are not accepted by most places as ID anyway so ID theft holding a copy of that is a minimal risk... All mine shows is name, date and place of birth- would give anyone that info with my blessing...

Comment by Goosey - February 8, 2008 @ 2:16 pm


Dear stella and co i feel so sorry for all off you,i really think you are doing the best you can, dont listen to the people who have no faith,keep the hard work up.

Comment by E.H - February 8, 2008 @ 3:14 pm


What Dollars Mike Check? Its like in Jerry Maguire, The movie. (SHOW ME THE MONEY) Am just saying show us the money before we ever recommend this to another living soul. Am sick of this hope and doubt. I don't know who Stella is on here, but The negative comments can't surely be her, or who ever Stella represents.

I do hope she's for real.. Like many others I have been counting on this. Which is a bit silly really. But what else can we do. Just need a little more than what we are getting in the forum..

Considering it is Now the 8th of February. I bet we were all hoping for better stuff going on right now,thats why we all seem so cranky..

And I can see we are ALL feeling that, just by all the comments lately.

Why would Stella call us loosers. Any one could open an email address with her name in it. Someone is playing silly games here. Its even confusing Ben. If I thought the other posts were Stella well silly me but I don't think (hate loosers) is at all either !!!!! THIS IS GETTING NUTS

Comment by SM - February 8, 2008 @ 5:41 pm


The GPP site is down? maybe for good?

Comment by Busting Gut - February 8, 2008 @ 6:02 pm


E.H., I'm sorry to seem as if I am the negative one. I'm at this point not being negative, I'm simply trying to allow others to identify the fact that their money is surely in jepardy. I can only hope that you have not a lot of money vested in this, on your behalf...

SM, I hope that I did not give the impression that I expect anything out of this. To all, I was being sarcastic, but not meaning to be negative... if you will... SM, I don't believe that I could agree with you more on most of your accounts! Everything that you have said, I agree with...

Anyone, please tell me how to warn others about this....

SM, I'll be visiting that site shortly with further comments... Thanks...

You know it might be possible for anyone to open a post and call themselves Stella. I think that BEN would know this though as he's the person who owns this BLOG!

Only need a birth certificate huh? So you are going to send it in? Sounds to me like step one. Next step, need for more iformation. Next step, identity theft! People, be mindfull. If they do not provide you with information about themselves, why would you give your most important information so willingly?

I'll also add this... Please do not jump into any of these RPPs. If the website does not allow info to be shown (not hidden info), then don't do it! Most especially, if there is no valid mailing address or phone number associated! Take this one for example. I sure wish that I knew about this earlier to warn others of this scam...


Comment by MikeCheck - February 9, 2008 @ 1:51 am


website back on-line now. Lets see what the next updates say !!

Comment by Malmac - February 9, 2008 @ 10:40 am


Hey busting Gut, I can relate. You are not alone!!! I don't though, see how GPP could cost you to lose your business etc. Only that we are all hoping for it to save us..... That is just being naive I would say!

Keep dreaming every day!!! It worked for me once and It is my proof that it works.

You have to See, Dream and Picture in your head every little detail of your success!!! I'm proof it happens even for simple things like love and a place I never though I would visit, EVER. Get on a magic Bike and ride to your happiness.

Even when the odds are against you, Dream and Believe some more, And then let it go. Don't hold on too tight to it, let it breath...If its not this It will be something, Its up to your thoughts and belief...

Comment by SM - February 9, 2008 @ 12:58 pm


[Edit by Ben: There is no way to verify that this is the real 'Stella' so please don't take this announcement as official]

we should have banking solution in about 10 days. The one that want the money in their own account will be able to do so, but only once the banking solution is completed !so again be patient, we will succes

Comment by Stella - February 9, 2008 @ 4:07 pm



You are in fact correct. Continue to dream of your success! Get out and don't just hope for something, go out and work for what you want. It's unfortunate that we would put faith into this, but there are many other valid oportunities out there that we can, not only dream about, but can do!


Comment by MikeCheck - February 9, 2008 @ 4:17 pm


I've been trying since yesterday afternoon to get into Global's site, and it's still down. It looks like they tried to put a security page up at first that did'nt work, then worked, didn't, etc. Now the link just does'nt cannot be displayed. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's wondering what's going on...I would think that Stella or Neverland would have time to comment on one of the forums about what's going on, especially at this stage. Is there anyone else that's having problems logging in?

Comment by Kim - February 9, 2008 @ 4:25 pm


Hi Kim

I was able to login earlier today but when i tried again later i had the same problems as you mention above. When i did get onto the site there was nothing new on the forum !!

Comment by Malmac - February 9, 2008 @ 4:41 pm



It could possibly be because you were blocked! Just as I was on the other board. It was suggested that I am spam, and therefore blocked. I had a couple of really good posts, suggesting the bogus nature of the company. That's ok though, I believe that the moderator of that blog will see and let me bake in...

Back to my subject... Why would a Billion dollar company work on a server which is constantly down! We do better than that with a paid 4 to 10 dollar a month web server over here in the states, w/ 99.9% uptime. A sorry excuse for such a company... I'd say that this would suggest a RED FLAG...

You know if I can get a good answer on this I think that we all might find this amusing.... STELLA, do you want us to continue sending in contracts? I'll ask again...

Stella, do you want us to send additional monies for more contracts? Wait! I forgot, you don't handle something or another... Does the company want this?

Everyone, we all know that she reads this... Let's see if she goes onto another subject matter without answering the question...


Comment by MikeCheck - February 9, 2008 @ 5:25 pm


All I see is panic and more panic! Why not be patient and wait for the website to come back online. It's happened before when Stella's IT people worked on the site, it was down but eventually came back again. I am almost certain that they are doing their best and will be online soon.
"yea of little faith!"
Keep the faith!

Comment by JL - February 9, 2008 @ 7:39 pm


GPP site is back...

Comment by boki - February 9, 2008 @ 8:15 pm


About this GPP and Stella who???? Everything secret? A lot of good and bad has been said, now the site is down and we all wonder, have they left? In January all our ID numbers and passport fotos etc. account numbers for those with own bank solution, should have been sent in, but Stella refuses to give us the address to send them to or to include space in our profile to add this info into, very strange, so why should we trust them? Of course we like to be positive and Stella has shown to be a good sales lady…:-)

Comment by EXTAN - February 9, 2008 @ 9:13 pm


After visiting the following site, Talkgold

I'm sorry all... I'm afraid that we have been duped. In looking at the information showing how the scammers have used the same information on more than one of their sites.

Stella and company, you have had a good run... a good run indeed. I'll try to keep up with any other sites scams similar to this guy named Bluepacific. Seeming one of the most intellegent guys that I have seen on these posts.

PLEASE DON'T SEND THESE SCAMMERS ANY MORE MONEY!!! REVERSE PENTION PLANS DO NOT EXIST!!! No one can show any dollars made from ANY of these scams!!

It sadens me, it truly does that others would consider giving money to any of these clowns. Beleve me, they are laughing all the way to the bank on our dreams... Please do not let this happen any further. These excuses, loss of website uptime, no address being provided, no full names, secret websites, no papers for anything, end of program, and others do not suggest a scam. IT TELLS YOU THAST IT IS A SCAM.

Please inform others....


Comment by MikeCheck - February 10, 2008 @ 5:18 am


Well I think it is very unprofessional not to let us know why the GPP website is down for any length of time, we are not baboons, ok?!! Unfortunately to expect us to send in our idi no etc. without giving any info to WHERE WE MUST SEND IT (THE GPPADDRESS) just shows how primitive this project is handled, can I help you Stella WHO??


Comment by EXTAN - February 10, 2008 @ 12:13 pm


Hey gang payouts start by the end of next week! I'm so excited!
How about you?? Stella has promised this to us.

my mother always says "A PROMISE IS A COMFORT TO A FOOL!"

Comment by Busting Gut - February 10, 2008 @ 5:06 pm


well it seems gpp's website is slowly coming back, they seem to be working on it, albeit very secretly, nobody knows what's happening. hope our money, if we see any of it, is not treated like that:-)
stella must be on one of those around the world trips, happy holiday!

Comment by EXTAN - February 10, 2008 @ 8:27 pm


10 days from now will get a banking solution. Busting gut and Mick check sound whatever will stop complaining at least....finaly !! They probably dont have any policies

Comment by Stella - February 10, 2008 @ 10:49 pm



I'm more than sorry to say, but yes I do have a contract. I didn't fall to your sham, but my wife did. That's ok, because her loss will be your loss in that I'm going to follow you the best that I can. I'll follow your next scam and attempt to expose you w/ your other friends and scams!

Tell me why your company does not have that site up yet! I know of no other organization that can;t have a site up... ALL OF THE TIME, when dealing with others money! The pizza shop around the corner has a website that is up.... and staying up! You mean a mom & pop pizza shop has a beter internet hook up than your? May I once again say SHAM... Kind of rhymes with SCAM!

I'll tell you what, if this does pay out... I'll be your best supporters!! I'll say, yes, I thought that this was a play on your dreams. Yes, though I have no idea of who runs the company, to give up money anyway, and yes, give up your personal info to whoever (better yet, just tell the next guy you pass on the street (or who just got out of prison, for ID theft).

All, in the next 10 days they will all be gone, or I can guarantee you... Listen, as I'm quite serious... That there will be another delay! Perhaps w/ the banking solution, hacked site (right), Stella's right tire blew out, or some other nonsense.

Stella, I invite you to prove me wrong so that I can eat my words... Oh yes, I will eat them! I don't think that I'll have to worry about eating that meal however....


Comment by MikeCheck - February 11, 2008 @ 2:07 am


I will bet anything...some other snag sham scam wham bam thank you ma'am will come up in the next 10 days. I did not get any policies, but my parents bought 12 in total.

They are going to be rich! I have popped their bubbles a lot of times, but they keep holding on praying and wishing...

I know 71 people in all that have joined. all will be happy with a payout..very happy.

I made 2 attempts to buy policies for my girls, but each time I tried to send my money to c-gold through my local bank the account wouldn't take it.

It must be carma....GOOD CARMA because the more I look at this thing the more I can see what a sham it is.

The funny thing is I still have time, and I know I will kick myself if this pays out...but in my hearts of heart I know it's not going to.

I'll be doing a jig in 10 days when nothing happens.

I'm just sorry I didn't think of this scam first... hey gang the next reverse policy scam you see out there will be me..

Busting Gut ....LOLOLOLOLOLOL send me 29.95 us LOL

Comment by Busting Gut - February 11, 2008 @ 5:55 am


oh btw there is no "real Stella" or at least it doesn't matter who Stella is, because real or fake anything that any stella tells you is just one big fat lie after another.

So from this day forth I will refer to her as "STELLIAR"

A fitting name if I do say so myself ;)

Comment by Busting Gut - February 11, 2008 @ 6:00 am


Just wondering if anybody else is having problems logging into the GPP members website? I just cant get into it. It tells you to click on the secured section and thats all it does. It just clicks over and over the same page. Before they upgraded the security it was working perfectly well.
My friends membership website works fine as does my uplines but I am baffled why I cant get into it.
Does anybody else have that problem too Id love to know...

Comment by jennifer - February 11, 2008 @ 6:50 am


ask your friend Stelliar!

Comment by Busting Gut - February 11, 2008 @ 7:13 am


Stelliar??? lol Sounds right to me. The way most of these work is that "Stella" really is fictional and just a composite persona of several people behind it. And it's likely that "Stella" really is a fella. At one point I thought that she could be a real person who got sucked into this as a work-from-home scheme as you'll see at times, but with the stories about travelling the world with the "Trust Partners" we know that's not the case.

jennifer - make sure that you don't have cookies blocked. That will do that same thing. Since it can't set the cookie, then it just keeps bouncing you back to that screen. IF you're not blocking them somehow, then you might delete the cookies on your machine and then try it. Beyond that I'm not sure.

Comment by JH - February 11, 2008 @ 7:50 am


now it's getting dirty, pity, lots of frustration, understandible, because GPP gurus are not telling us what they are up to... neverland and stella, maybe we should try to smoke you out to get our money, or are you honest after all, I thought so??

Comment by EXTAN - February 11, 2008 @ 9:46 am


Thanks for your help JH I tried to delete the cookies but its still doing the same thing. Thats the only website it does that to. I have no problem with any other website on the net.

Il keep trying to get it going.
Thanks again

Comment by jennifer - February 11, 2008 @ 10:47 am


Hey JH I just managed to get into my membership website! I had to log onto the Home page of GPP then work my way thru all the security like (fort knox) with number codes and after all that I looked up the forum and nothing new had been updated since Feb.6th! Gess louis what a bummer that was....

Comment by jennifer - February 11, 2008 @ 10:56 am


EXTAN said: "Well I think it is very unprofessional not to let us know why the GPP website is down for any length of time, we are not baboons, ok?!! Unfortunately to expect us to send in our idi no etc. without giving any info to WHERE WE MUST SEND IT (THE GPPADDRESS) just shows how primitive this project is handled, can I help you Stella WHO??" I do agree and gisagree with EXTAN regarding some points that he made. I agree, that GPP is very unprofessional with their webpage (more professional with scamming people), have to disagree on the fact that most people who believe in this kind of scam are baboons...

Comment by Rokka - February 11, 2008 @ 11:05 am


It sounds like a lot of people out there are struggling financially, Me included very much. Its the way the governments of the world run our countries. They are the one's who are Baboons! For separating us into One of three categories: Wealthy, Middle class, and down right poor. Shame Shame on those rich A–Holes.

Things like the GPP are a wonderful idea to help us all become equal. Why should we be so separated financially. I don't see how a Mechanic does less in a day than a politician. Bit different pay though.. So If Stella is a fake and I hope not, but If so someone has to take this Idea and make it work.. Just having a whinge SM

Comment by SM - February 11, 2008 @ 11:57 am


I thought we should collect some money to send to Stella and Co. to fix up their website, a good IT programmer should have it back on air in a few minutes and a new server can be bought around the corner... so Stella what do you think about my plan, you surely must be out of money travelling so much around the world :-)

Comment by EXTAN - February 11, 2008 @ 1:45 pm


Neverland Stella & Co. More like Never Neverland Stelliar and Crooks.

They know that we are on to them, they can't scramble fast enough to make up creditable

Stelliar... and GPP have become a deer in the headlights. If you think you're going to get away with this scott free think again.

Comment by Busting Gut - February 11, 2008 @ 4:36 pm


Did a bit of research about the whereabouts of the GPP fundies and immediately found the apparent founder of the scheme, even a picture and know ca.where he stays, a place which funny enough sounds a bit like F…OFF JU, really a hidden place very far away (not Lichtenstein, much too easy!) but not impossible to visit, so maybe keep this in mind, just in case they pull a fast one on us... as I said before we are not baboons and the world is really small! Obviously we would rather very much like GPP to get their web going again and honor their original plan, then maybe they can do it again on a much bigger scale and help lots of needy people as well as themselves

Comment by EXTAN - February 11, 2008 @ 9:19 pm

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