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Archived Global Pension Plan Comments - 101 to 200

Continuing the archive of comments from the Global Pension Plan post, comments 101 to 200 can be found below:

1 - 100 | 101 - 200 | 201 - 300



Thanks for reporting the facts accurately! Also for finding the account where all the Gold went.

I know you have hopes for more professionalism, hopefully you can put any misunderstanding behind you and accept the official statement from GPP about what occured.

All the members of GPP really need this long journey to end with a successful completion.

Stella in Administration wrote:

Dear Members,

The low-lives have been active again! They had succeed to change the Liberty Reserve and the C-Gold account numbers on our website and collected the sign up fees. This has also caused numerous failed sign ups and additional policy purchases.

I will fix these, but it takes time. Don't get frustrated!

Be careful when sending us money! Only the accounts below should be used. If you see a different account number during the payment processing, stop immediately and don't confirm the payment!

C-Gold: XXXX

They didn't hack into the e-currency accounts!

Thank you!


And Stella wrote:

The hacking problem, which was more like a "backdoor problem" meaning they didn't have to break anything to get in but just use a "key", has been solved by now and we are very confident they are not able to do their tricks again. However, please keep your eyes on the account numbers when spending with us! Just to make it sure!

They hacked our website's setting module and succeed to change the destination accounts. They didn't hack into our e-currency accounts, nor was your personal information in danger!

Thank you and I am sorry for the inconveniences!


Comment by Rocket - December 30, 2007 @ 12:29 pm


Greetings all GPP members!

Happy New Year!

Here is the latest GPP update!

Go to your backoffice and read the latest forum posts by Stella.

Have a safe and enjoyable New Years celebration.


Dear Members,

As you have noticed already, we have a new folder here in the Forum called The Final Step. Please read all the posts from there extra carefully, as they will tell you how to get benefits from this program you have been working so hard for.

The projected payout will happen somewhere in the middle of February, if we succeed to reach 100.000 verified member by the end of January. Just as announced before.

The only change for the plan is, that the sign up and additional policies links will be available until the end of January, i.e. you can still sign up more members and purchase more policies for one more month. The reason for this is very simple: the recent technical problems. A big number of members have funded their e-currency accounts but haven't been able to sign up or purchase more policies because of the technical issues. Even the C-gold itself and couple of their exchangers have asked us to post-pone the deadline because of the delayed inexchanges.

So, the new plan is, that all the purchases are ceased on the 31st of January.

As stated above, this will not delay the payout!

More soon!


Comment by rocket - December 31, 2007 @ 10:39 pm


A load of bull, if you ask me. I bet they hacked their own site so when the money is gone in Feb they can blame it on the hackers again.

Comment by Tricia - January 1, 2008 @ 12:29 am


So yet another deadline comes and goes. And of course they're still accepting new money. Big surprize (not).

Seriously people, even if you believe in this BS, for your own sake STOP SENDING THEM MONEY. The only way that this will ever conclude is when they finally are in the position of having to wrap it up one way or another. By any measure they should be well ahead of the required number of sign-ups by this time so they can't use that as an excuse. Even in the complete bizarro-world case that this actually could come true, then you're not missing anything by not buying in since in that case there will be many other opportunities to do the same thing once they've "proven" it. Even the supporters shouldn't have a problem with that since it's to their benefit as well to have this end and receive promised referrals rather than dragging things out for the next six months.

Comment by JH - January 1, 2008 @ 1:13 am


has anyone contacted the people at First Oceanic Bank in London who act for the First Oceanic Trust?
has anyone contacted Tallinn Business Bank Ltd in Estonia?

Comment by DB - January 1, 2008 @ 11:17 am


GPP UPdate:

GPP Memebers, go to your back office on January 1st and follow the step by step instructions to complete the long awaited payout.

If you haven't done so, select the "ACTIVE MEMBER" button.

This notifies the GPP administration that you plan to update your profile and process the needed paperwork to finish the GPP Program.

All GPP members have the month of January to complete the paperwork process and spend any remaining e-currency balances on new memberships and additional policies.

Have a great New Years Day!

If you have questions contact me: rocksme2004 (at) y a h o o . com


Comment by Rocket - January 1, 2008 @ 11:39 am


I haven't received the instructions and the agreement from the Trust Partner yet, so I can't post. I have been in touch with them and they assured me the info and the documents will be available shortly. So there's no reason to start asking questions nor get nervous.


well after a day waiting this what we get??? is totaly BS for sure the thrust partner has run way with the funds... what delay next??

Comment by Meck - January 1, 2008 @ 9:41 pm


Member Agreement is available now:

Dear Members,

The GPP Member Agreement is available now! Please go to your member area and click Files-link in the left-hand-side menu (third from the bottom). You will then be taken to “Uploaded Files”. Click the white squire under the file name and save to your computer..There are no other files available at the moment, so that you wouldn’t get confused. The agreement is a PDF-file.

Please print the agreement and complete in BLOCK CAPITALS using black or blue ink.

Personal information

Be sure to provide complete and correct information that matches the profile.

Banking coordinates

Alongside with the personal information, you must provide international banking coordinates for the Compensation and Loyalty Program Rewards payment. Please be sure to provide complete, correct and up-to-date details.


You will be given an opportunity to donate more funds from your earnings into the GPP Charity Fund. EUR10 is automatically deducted from the Compensation. If you don’t want to donate more, please leave the field blank.


Signature in the agreements must match the signature in your ID. If you are below the legal age in your country of residence, your legal guardian must sign the agreement with you. In this case the ID copy of the guardian must also be attached and sent to us.


Comment by snartmor - January 2, 2008 @ 11:36 pm


I am so confused! I thought they were providing a debit card and the account?? I have NO idea how to open an offshore account! Do you other members already have an account in place?

That new "agreement" is also less than impressive. Not very official and there is no contact information....

Comment by Magoo - January 3, 2008 @ 3:59 am


i have to say i ama bit worried now to .... for me giving my details i have nothing to lose as i have nothing that can be repossed ... but for my son whom i paid for could stand to lose everything including his home if it is a con and they use his details fraudulantly ... what to do what to do?????

Comment by Bridget - January 3, 2008 @ 4:14 am


Not so much a question of things being repossessed, it's more a concern that with that information and copies of your ID, passport, birth certificate, they can open new accounts, get new credit cards and loans using your credit history, and bascially become you. Think about it, what more do they need? Not to mention the ability to get or create fake passports and other forms of ID for whatever purposes.

You'd have to be nuts to send all of that off to some totally anonymous persons who aren't even willing to give you anything as far as their own identification.

That form is a joke and that should tell you a lot.

Comment by JH - January 3, 2008 @ 6:46 am


Greetings GPP members

After reading the main concerns with members about the banking information request from GPP I have a suggestion.

Perhaps we can find our own banking solution.

I suggest that members who have some positive suggestions about the best country to open a bank account please contribute to this blog.

We need to find a bank in a country that will respect each members privacy and won't freeze our accounts when large sums of money are wired in the account.

We have GPP members all over the world, surely someone has some ideas of how we can open a bank account in response to GPP.

Please contribute to this blog or reply to me on this subject.

rocksme2004 (at) y a h o o (dot) c o m

Let's find a solution as a united team of GPP members helping each other.


Comment by Rocket - January 3, 2008 @ 8:21 am


Well Panama is a big mover and shaker in off-shore opportunities. St. Lawrence. Belize....
Fees are no that bad. If you have money ;)

You know...I joined GPP as a learning experience. lol.
I know I know, maybe I wanted to get ripped off on purpose. ;)
Nah, I just wanted to see where it went and how it got there.
This new development, of having to provide personal banking information is absurd! Beyond words.
One of the attractions of GPP to begin with was that THERE WAS NO RISK or requirement on our part other then the initial paltry investment fee!
My my , look at how far we have come! GPP is all growed up.

I worry, about the people who need this. About the people who have signed their children and cousins children up for this!
Those who stand to lose the most are those who haven't much to lose I think, and will proceed out of necessity for these promised funds. cautious.

They have changed the rules a few times now and that is unacceptable in regular "business dealing".
But the thing I STILL find fascinating is the lack of contact info being offered. Also unacceptable.
They can't even provide a destination to send these forms BACK to yet? lol. Then why post them? Get your game together big shots!

tsk tsk

Good luck kids. Afraid we all may need a little more then the Law Of Attraction on our side now. lol.

Comment by mmhmm - January 3, 2008 @ 5:55 pm


I'm confused, is GPIT an GPP the same thing? Is Ben Seigler working for GPP and Stella? I've invested in both programs...What's going on!?

Comment by jqoto - January 4, 2008 @ 6:16 pm



I have also invested in gpp. I just wonder if you just send a copy of id can they still do anything using your name? A copy is still something different than the real thing. You can provide a bank account number on which there is no money coming in. Or not??

Comment by miriam - January 4, 2008 @ 8:46 pm



Ben Siegler once promoted Global Pension Plan, now he is promoting something else.

I'm not sure anyone knows what he is up to.

Everything he says looks like Global Pension Plan.

Last I was told is Ben recieved a lot of complaints and is now suspended from the GPP.

Check it out for yourself. I don't recommend sending any money to him when a person can signup directly on the website.

Just my opinion.


Comment by rocket - January 4, 2008 @ 9:19 pm


This is the bank referred to in comment 5

This is a list of unauthorised banks on the FSA website
FSA Link

Look under "F"

Comment by buzzlightyear - January 5, 2008 @ 4:19 pm


Quick due dilligence regarding Ben Seigler, the individual behind GPIT:

- The "Suite 2″ address actually is the second half of a duplex where he lives in a not particularly great section of Norfolk. Plug the address into and you'll have detailed pictures and other information.

- He appears to have been involved in the past in what reads like a typical loan pre-payment scheme. See this ling from 2004:

Link 1

"ATTENTION: Contractors, Builders, Developers, Churches, and all other income producing projects such as Oil, Gas, Gold, Diamond, Movie, Inventions, and new Technology Projects. 100% financing at 5-6% apr. fixed for 30 yrs and deferment of payments and interest for 1-3 yrs on these loans. We are currently seeking referring Loan Brokers for our company. High commissions paid worldwide. CONTACT: BEN SEIGLER of SEIGLERS INVESTMENTS at 1-877-748-3283. EMAIL: FAX: 1-757-333-6775 DIRECT LINE: 757-291-5092. MAILING ADDRESS: 1254 PALLMALL ST STE #2, NORFOLK, VA 23513″

- Neither he nor this business appear in searches for appropriate registration or licenses in the State of Virginia.

- Coincidentally, he lives within about a mile of the former Norfolk campus of the same relatively obscure university, Johnson & Wales, where the principals behind another RPP are said to have attended school at another campus in Florida (but the campus wasn't actually there at the time). Plug the address above and that below into Google maps and you can see how close.

Johnson & Wales University
Norfolk Campus (now consolidated in Charlotte, NC)
2428 Almeda Ave
Norfolk, VA 23513
(800) 342-5598

Comment by JH - January 6, 2008 @ 3:29 am


First Oceanic Bank is not a real bank. It's simply a virtual company at a vitrual office in London that ties back to an entity called First Oceanic Trust which is based at a virtual office in Latvia. The London address is a mail drop at the office of a company that does many offshore registrations for companies involved in various shady business areas (money exchange, sketchy offshore companies, HYIP, prn, fake watches and other conterfeit/copied goods, etc.) It claims to be registered in Somalia. Given that there's no official government in Somalia to issue banking license or regulate banks, that's basically worthless. It's not recognized by the international banking system. They have been directly associated with various HYIP-type programs and virtual debit card schemes. They are listed as an unauthorized bank by the UK's Financial Services Authority here: FSA List
Search Google for more if you want. Lots there associated with various scams.

Comment by JH - January 6, 2008 @ 3:59 am


Tallin is an Estonian bank that is "real" in the sense that it does have an Estonia banking license for whatever assurance that provides given the reputation of Estonian and other Baltic banks with respect to fraud and money laundering. SOCIETE GENERALE DE GESTION S.A. is the name of the account where the money ends up for further unseen distribution. It too is associated with various shady operations (fake watches, etc.). Basically what's happening is that they are routing money through a real bank in Germany, to the Estonian bank, and into a specific account from which further distribution can't be easily traced.

Apparently, they later dropped Tallin and went with a "bank" again in name only based in Turkish-occupied Cyprus, or "Northern Turkey" depending on what side of that conflict that you're on. Similar to the above, that "bank" actually is just an account at a Turkish bank, that exists in a "virtual country" that's not recognized as a country by anyone other than Turkey. Like above, the money goes to a real bank, to another bank based in Turkey and then to an account from which further distribution is done which isn't easily traced.

It's routed through Fortis Bank in Brussels, to a Fortis branch in Turkey (both are real banks, as indicted by the SWIFT numbers) then to an ACCOUNT (not a bank) in the name of Rahim Bank LTD. This likely is an account maintained for Rahim Bank aka Royal Allied High Investment Merchant Bank). You can find more information here: Long story, but it's a bank registered in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). TRNC is, depending on your perspective, an unofficial state within a state in northern Cyprus.

Basically, what all of the above means is that the money is being sent to an ACCOUNT for an "offshore bank" that is registered in a "country" that's generally not recognized as a country (by anyone other than Turkey anyway), and from there it will be a big stretch to trace anything.

Western Union transfers were directed to three women in Latvia all at the same address to be split up on a rotating basis among them so as not to draw attention.

The twisted trail of money through illicit "banks," which basically represents money laundering to obscure the actual recipient, should make you feel much more confident regarding the legitimacy of GPP. ; )

Comment by JH - January 6, 2008 @ 4:10 am


$1,000,000 dollar challenge - Todd Davis 1-877-543-3562- says he will keep your identity safe from identity thieves or he will pay you $1 million dollars.

This seems to be a good fit for GPP members in light of the identity documentation/form being requested by GPP.

Where did you get all the details about the GPP Trust partners?

Comment by Rocket - January 6, 2008 @ 11:30 am



Have you heard about "Anstalt" ???

"Q: Who runs the Global Pension Plan?
A: I am not sure if you are aware of that Global Pension Plan is run by the Trust Partner and through a trust (Anstalt) registered in Liechtenstein. The originator consists of five European businessmen, who have experience from similar business dealings but on a smaller scale. I (Stella) met with members of the Trust Partner as well as the manager of the insurance company involved before I decided to step in and start working for them."

Comment by Rocket - January 6, 2008 @ 12:42 pm


Anstalt is a form of business structure in Liechtenstein that they (supposedly) are using not the name of a specific entity. It's the same as saying run through an Inc-type corporation, LLP, LLC, etc. The main benefit of the Anstalt is that there are no named members of the trust, rather it stands on its own as an entity, thereby sheltering the individuals/companies behind it.

See here:

"One of the main attractions of Liechtenstein is its extremely flexible company law, which allows for the creation of any type of legal organisation, which is recognised under the law of any jurisdiction in the world. There are three main types of entities in use — the Establishment or Anstalt, the family foundation and the company limited by shares. The most important entity for tax purposes is the Anstalt, which is commonly used by foreign companies as a holding company for overseas subsidiaries. The Anstalt is an entity, which has no members, participants or shareholders but a holder of the founder’s rights, and is a hybrid between a company limited by shares and a foundation. It is popular because, with minor exceptions, it is free to conduct all kinds of business, including non-trading activities such as holding passive investments."

In particular note that under Liechtenstein law:


A Liechtenstein body corporate or trust cannot undertake the business of banking, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, collective investment schemes or any other activity that would suggest an association with the Banking or Finance industries, unless a special licence is obtained."

Comment by JH - January 6, 2008 @ 6:26 pm


Given the above, there's a very easy way for them to demonstrate that at least the trust partner is legitimate...

Since the Anstalt is basically anonymous and does not reveal the individuals/companies behind it and therefore would not result in a flood of inquiries to a business (as often cited as the reason for not revealing the names of the companies behind this), and since as above they must have proper licensing for the Anstalt itself in order to do what they say that they are doing, then they should be able to provide the name of the Anstalt and show their license.

Comment by JH - January 6, 2008 @ 6:41 pm


Where did you get all the details about the GPP Trust partners?"

Rocket - The information regarding the instructions for sending money come directly from GPP (as reflected in comment #5 above here which is the same as that posted elsewhere). The rest is simply a more detailed analysis of the money trail and the entities involved given the information provided. No big secrets. Anyone can independently verify all of the above for themselves using the standard seach engines.

Comment by JH - January 6, 2008 @ 7:10 pm


What the heck is going up with yall??

Comment by James Thadus - January 7, 2008 @ 8:49 am


First, I would like to say, "Wake the hell up people." First, why would you want to deal with a straight up buster name BEN SEIGLER? He is a great convict alone with GPP. These company is bullshit and you know it. Everything is life you have to work for it like that money you are sending em' why would you want to wish upon a star and believe you are going to be a instinct million on such a bogus scam. If you think they are going to make you rich then be their bitches. This something serious wrong with this guy, Ben Seigler. READ, RESEARCH and don't get caught with there scam. It's sadden me to see that people are sending their hard earn money to a well known Buster and believe that his plan will make you rich overnight. He is really punkin' you and big pimping yo ass! Ha ha ha!

Comment by James Thadus - January 7, 2008 @ 9:01 am


and just to cap it all- the website is again out of opperation...

I haven't been able to sign on and look at the agreement yet- as a legally trained person- I will be giving them a thorough once over before I decide to do anything. I will also be asking a lot of questions of Stella me thinks. Did I read post number 122 correctly and Rocket is saying that she is stella? "I (stella)met with members of the Trust Partner as well as the manager of the insurance company involved before I decided to step in and start working for them.

I am not at all surprised about the fact that they are still accepting money- this has become such a scandal now with the totally unprofessional way it has been run- the various comments made in the forum by neverland and the admin team such as asking for a huge investor with only a couple of months to go- no details on the banking scheme and now they appear to be asking us for a bank account number? oh dear...

Comment by Goosey - January 7, 2008 @ 12:57 pm


Reviewing the agreement won't take long...

Global Pension Plan Members Agreement

Form Ref: #395A


NOTICE: This agreement is between the member and Global Pension Plan. By completing and signingthis agreement form you are agreeing to sell back your Global Pension Plan insurance policy benefit to the Trust Partner for a fixed price of EUR110,000 or EUR55,000 (per policy) dependent on the member’s age. Once the Members Agreement form has been accepted by the Trust Partner, the client is freed from any financial or other responsibilities concerning the program and the policy.

GPP Username:_______

First Name:_______

Middle Name:_______


Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY):_______





ZIP / Postal code:_______




Banking coordinates for the Compensation and Loyalty Program Rewards Payment:

Account Holder’s Name:_______

Account Number:_______

Account Holder’s Address:_______


Bank name:_______

Bank office address:_______

SWIFT/ABA/Routing Code:_______


I want to donate EUR _______ into the GPP Charity Fund (EUR10 is automatically deducted from the Compensation). If you don’t want to make a donation, please leave blank.

Date: _______ Location:_______

Signature: _______

(Also the signature of the legal guardian in case the member is under the legal age in his/her country of residence.)

Comment by JH - January 8, 2008 @ 6:44 am


Note that GPP has said that the agreement above is the ONLY agreement that members need to complete for this entire deal. ; )

No terms and conditions, no identification/specfication of the parties involved, no address for the party behind it or specification of juridiction, no representations by the member or corresponding representations on the part of GPP, nothing to address the condition that the Trust Partner does not accept, nothing addressing beneficiaries, nothing addressing failures to perform, disputes, schedule, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on as far as what's not there that should be.

Even those with little or no exposure to legal agreements should be able to see that this is inadequate. Even in the case that it would serve as a basic limited agreement that would be supported by other policy documents, which apparently it will not be, not even to mention as THE sole agreement.

It's BS and a lame attempt at that. They could have at least grabbed another standard assignment-type form and used that as a template. But then since they have represented that they have done this same thing before and are professionals who are experienced in this area, they should already have good versions of such forms.

Comment by JH - January 8, 2008 @ 7:09 am



I'm not Stella, don't confuse or misunderstand.

I'm just a hopeful member of GPP that does see many errors and much unprofessional representation.

I agree things are not looking too good lately.

However since I'm a member I watch with great interest...and will be protecting my identity with they back there promise to me with 1 million dollars that my identity will be safe.

For me It's a great test. And if someone messes with my identity, I'll now have something to trace and where to trace it.


Comment by Rocket - January 8, 2008 @ 9:40 am


Thanks for that JH- all attempts to get onto the website to review have been unsuccessful so far.

There is only one thing that anyone can do with this agreement and that is use it for toilet paper. It bears no resemblence to anything that has been offered in the opportunity (banking solutions etc) no agreement for what is being considered and offered could or should be this bland- it doesn't even mention confideniality! As a member I think that everyone should email and query this form before sending anything in as this doesn't protect anyone's interests and it will force a response from GPP (my view is that the website will just disappear as another one similar to this has done- Early pension plan)they will either have to explain it (doubtful) or it will be revealed as the scam it is looking like sooner.


Comment by Goosey - January 8, 2008 @ 11:50 am


Rocket- the lifelock is great for the US but doesn't offer much assurance for a UK based member...

Plus which- these kind of gurantees only normally protect you where you have not deliberately given out your ID- check the small print carefully- by providing copies of your ID without verifying where they are going and to whom, you may invalidate any protection they claim to offer you. It seems to be the same thing that you can do yourself for free simply by contacting the credit bureau. In the UK Experian and Equifax have a similar service for approx £7 a month. I woudl also query what adding fraud alerts is going to do to your credit rating... Be very careful about this.

Comment by Goosey - January 8, 2008 @ 11:56 am


The Equifax and Experian service allows you unlimited access to your credit files to check what is happening and alerts whenever any activity happens on your account- if you have not authorised the activity then they will investigate and put a warning on your file- should you then try to apply for credit the fraud warning will mean your application cannot go through straight away and will have to be fully verified- this can cause embarrassment and delay for you; so I wouldn't want these put on automatically by anyone unless a problem is recognised. Even though a warning is on your file and the credit agency is investigating it can still mess up your credit history and cause you problems until it is recognised that it really wasn't you which can take months- years. My boss had her ID stolen and still after 4 years gets queries. However it is not only the accounts they actually open that can do damage- it is the number of accounts they apply for and with the phone and internet now this could easily be 50 in one go! All of which applications you will have to prove was not you before the seach and the application can be taken off your file. Over 3 applications in 6 months puts you for most institutions into a high risk category and means credit is almost always refused. DO NOT SEND ANY ID INTO THIS GROUP UNTIL A VALID AGREEMENT AND OTHER PARTICULARS SUCH AS A VALID COMPANY AND ADDRESS IS PROVIDED>

Comment by Goosey - January 8, 2008 @ 12:05 pm


I want to donate EUR ___________________ into the GPP Charity Fund (EUR10 is automatically deducted from the Compensation). If you don’t want to make a donation, please leave blank.
Date: __________________________ Location: _______________________
Signature: __________________________
Signing a document that asks you to leave blank the space in which to put in an amount of money is totally irresponsible! It's like handing out "blank checks" to anyone. Anyone can fill in a money amount and then ask you for it! This shows the "professionnalism" of the whole "plan"!
Doesn't this make you wonder a little bit?
Thank you (Stella, GPP or any members)for explaning this point and answering this post.

Comment by xris - January 10, 2008 @ 11:22 pm


NOTICE: This agreement is between the member and Global Pension Plan. By completing and signingthis agreement form you are agreeing to sell back your Global Pension Plan insurance policy benefit to the Trust Partner for a fixed price of EUR110,000 or EUR55,000 (per policy) dependent on the member’s age. Once the Members Agreement form has been accepted by the Trust Partner, the client is freed from any financial or other responsibilities concerning the program and the policy.

Where are my official (paper signed...) GPP insurance documents that i'm selling back to "who" again? How can I sell something to someone I don^t know that I have no proof about that I actually possess.
Everyone who's ever contracted an insurance policy knows that you allways get a huge amount of documents (2 contracts forulars, conditions, brochures...) when contracting an insurance...

Comment by xris - January 10, 2008 @ 11:33 pm


anyone hear why the c-gold website is gone?

Comment by Rocket - January 11, 2008 @ 8:39 am


well is already mid of january how come suddenly stella has no more update?

Comment by Meck - January 14, 2008 @ 12:42 am


My parents just bought into GPP, they are really counting on it. They even pray about it.

Has anyone noticed that the cut-off was Dec31 but they are still taking applications and money

my greedy parents did 12 policies....If they don't get paid by the end of Feb. I'm going to send them out some fake cheques, just so they can tell me they told me so...LOLOLOL

If they get the cash..I'm sure I'll get some LOL

Comment by Busting Gut - January 14, 2008 @ 6:02 am


To answer a previous inquiry regarding an alternate Banking Solution check out;-

check out their site

It is FREE to join, no initial funding, Debit Card facility, to operate on account when your funds are transfered from GPP - you will need to submit valid I.D. (all securely online) a normal banking requirement... then you can transact, move funds around as you so wish. Debit cards can be refunded online from your account.

Initially, when I joined the GPP programme, it was with curious interest, however over the past twelve months, after witnessing many events and positive postings in the Forum I have grown quietely confident that the programme will provide to members their financial benefit as promoted. I trust so, for the Internet community at large will be in uproar and any other similar "reverse pension endowment insurance policy" programmes will loose all credability and never ever get off the ground. Many lives will be devastated, aspirations and dreams destroyed... all because of greed to disadvantage others.

So let's join in positive affirmations that the programme will conclude to the members benefit.. and Na. Na. NADDAH to the "bucketeers"

Comment by Roy Grogan - January 16, 2008 @ 6:33 am


Has anyone actually contacted this SeaPay and I think their SPU is pretty lame anyway could we really trust a company in indonessa with 80 grand if the program even paid out?

Comment by Who Knows - January 17, 2008 @ 4:03 am


Roy Grogan- how can you be quietly confident that we are going to get a pay out when the GPP agreement isn't legal or binding as it only has one signature and no terms and conditions? When the "banking solution isn't ready yet and the payout date approaches? When even though previous posts on the GPP website have said all agreements and ID have to be in by the end of January for a payout in February- we still don't have a proper agreement or any news on how to send in documents? When we have no details who is behind all of this and even though GPP have promised documents from the "Trust Partners" to state where the money has come from- these have not materialised or been offered to anyone yet? When they are still accepting money off people after 2 deadlines have passed and been ignored? When they are now asking people to give bank details and ID, phone numbers addresses and date of birth that is enough for your ID to be stolen- your bank account to be highjacked (look what happened to Jeremy Clarkson)?

With regards to Seapay- at least their agreement is more professional than GPP's- however read the terms and conditions carefully- you will see form all the things they exclude that your money isn't really that safe and their are fees and exchange rates set by Seapay that you have no control over...

Comment by Goosey - January 17, 2008 @ 10:46 am


Seapay will only accept wire or cash by post and you're telling me that this is a good service to use? Not only based in Indonesia but charging fees for you wiring money to them? Good luck if you pay your GPP plan into this service- if you ever get a GPP payment in the first place this service is a great way to make sure you never see it.

Comment by Goosey - January 17, 2008 @ 210:49 am


Goosey, (aptly titled) .... you maybe right, I maybe wrong, and so might 100,000 plus others. From your many other postings, I see a firmly entrenched negative attitude that I wonder how long you procrastinate before you roll out of bed... if ever.

Access to the membership site has been down on many occasions, as stated due to DDos and hacker attacks, both from within and externally of the programme, they could have disappeared then with about 3 to 4 million of funds (a nice little earner) – but No! The site continues to come back online, which continues to give me a high level of confidence and lends credibility to the programme, particularly since the programme has been operating since May, 2005 and the history of events is all revealed in the membership Forum.

The “backdoor” to the GPP membership site is very open and transparent and well setup. Why don't you join and have a good look, then you might not be "blowing circles of smoke" without substance in truth and a high level of negativism.

Come alive "Goosey" - everyone has a "little punt" on a game of chance once in awhile... do you? Or do you stand in the que and wonder, and wonder and procrastinate, will I, won't I.

If it proves to be a scam, then it would have to be the best orchestrated and perpetuated scam ever. In any case, I would care to remind you that there was a Disclaimer posted on GPP’s site that the programme was an “element of risk” venture…. and that you should “only invest what you can afford to loose” - in this life the “skeletons of disappointment” are many and varied, with the veiled actions of others oft well disguised.
As I have gleaned from personal experience the evil sin of greed triumphs over the innocence of face and presentation… it is an inherent trait of the human being, in so many instances. And it is never ever evident until the executioners axe falls.

“Nothing appears perfect in this life, even if made by the Creator, we only see what we perceive to see, and believe what we want to perceive to see. But that should not stop us from enjoying life and making informed and rational decisions to benefit the end purpose”.

For mine, I am prepared to take a punt, for 30 euro, I ask you... and remain positive and affirm the beliefs of the Universal Law of Attraction that the programme will “bear fruit” to the mutual benefit of the members involved, and in so doing, there will be many other people who will benefit and we will be able to assist, particularly, in the fields of medical research, dis-ability, poverty, and third world countries. We pray and live in hope.

With regards to SEApay... how would you propose that they would receive funding to an account... If you have a better solution, maybe you should espouse it to them... you might even receive a reward for informed advice. Have you ever dealt in any other money transfers to e-Gold, C-gold, e-Bullion, etc... for your information, the same level of fees apply. Get back into bed, pull up the covers, and let's not hear from you again.

Allow individuals to make their own decisions as to where they may choose to invest or diverse their money, at whatever level of opportunity they so desire. Let me ask you, how many retiree's loose their superannuation and retirement savings in so called secure investments, promoted by "astute" financial advisors, who collect their commissions upfront... only to see their Clients money lost as a consequence of un-scrupulous and dishonest actions by Directors of Companies and Financial Institutions... it is almost a monthly occurrence. All of the investors I.D. - banking details are held by these institutions... so why is there so much alarm about GPP?
Think about the the retiree's, the loss of their savings at their timing in life, the heart ache, the hardship, the loss of their homes in many instances, do you believe that the Directors/advisors/promoters of these "so called secure investments" have any concern or compassion for their clients... No Way!

How much do we stand to loose... 30 euro. I am prepared to accept the risk.

Comment by Roy Grogan - January 17, 2008 @ 3:52 pm


Roy - I'd rather be a goosey than a cock.

Comment by ZippyGeorge&Bungle - January 17, 2008 @ 4:54 pm


Can someone answer questions 135 136 please... it would help get my confidence into GGP.
Thank You!

Comment by xris - January 17, 2008 @ 11:05 pm


"...Can someone answer questions 135 136 please..."

I don't understand ... What does this mean?

Comment by Skoopy - January 18, 2008 @ 12:01 am


I dont know that there is an answer 4 that one xris, but I do know that it helped me get my head out of the dreamy clouds and Take a better look at it. I think it means that they can add any amount of money in there as they like at any point in time. Dodgy - unfortunatley.

I have a question for any one out there - What Insurance company do you know of Good or Bad that gives any one person more than one policy for ones self. Isnt there only one of us in our body so only one amount of money per body????? That was the original plan with GPP. Wheres the legislation material that allows them to do more policys. Is there a law out there that says they can or we can???

Comment by Laura - January 18, 2008 @ 12:41 am


Ok since none answered and said that they have actually used a SEApay account as in sent money to via wire and used it I will assume it to be untrustworthy. As for GPP it WILL pay out or Will NOT for those of us in it the die is cast all we can do is wait and hell as far GPP goes I spent more going to the movies for entertainment the other nite so I guess this program watching it and reading about and laughing has entertained me @ least 50 bucks worth so if they run off with the cash ill get another 6 months of entertainment reading all the ensuing argument between the haters and the believers so either Win or lose I am gonna get my moneys worth!!:)

Comment by Who Knows - January 18, 2008 @ 3:40 am


Response to XRIS... Q135. Don't leave blank - if you do not wish to increase a "gifted" amount to the Children's Charity Fund over and above the automatic 10 euro amount... write, "no extra"... otherwise, if you are feeling charitable, show the amount with a line before and after...e.g., -20-euro.

Q136 - Your membership fee buys you a "reverse endowment pension insurance policy" value 200,000 euro - eligible members by age, receive either 110,000 or 55,000 (read full details on the GPP website "The Plan" and "FAQ's"... this is confirmed on your membership site.... That is your entitlement in the programme.

However, I must agree that this aspect is not as open and transparent as one would expect, in the normal course of business dealings. That is another "perceived view" one has to embrace as the GPP programme comes to a conclusion. You either accept the position as it is, if you are a member, and follow the directions to receive your entitlement... or you can decline, "dropout" and wonder...mmmmmm!

If you are not a member of GPP... don't even bother commenting, there is far too much negativity being expressed.

There are yet but a few weeks to go... and we will all be a "wealth of knowledge" after the event. And dare I say, the seers, will spruke their "I told you so" - which ever way the end result is revealed. For me, I continue to remain positive - if the programme does yield the promoted benefits, I certainly will not loose any sleep over the passing of events. I have made sure to inform my introduced members, that the opportunity has a "level of risk element" associated with it... "and only invest, what you can afford to loose". If you don't wish to participate, no one is going to twist your arm to do so.

If anyone has a better and more secure banking solution that the SEApay solution... Your positive advice would be greatly appreciated...but don't make veiled innuendo's about something which you cannot back-up with proof in evidence. Personally I have no qualms with the process, particularly now that I am a "certified" account holder. And further, as Seapay operates in 73 countries using the dominant currency as the euro gives it more credabilty.

I should add that the referral to use Seapay did not come from GPP administration, but was sourced independently... if you don't wish to use the facility, source another... but don't "bag it". Enlighten members to another, and let's "bag it"... that what this forum appears to be all about.

Nobody said life would be easy… they just promised that the journey would be worth it. So allow Your Dreams to soar, just as balloons reaching skywards, as you travel your journey fulfilling your destiny in this life.
Life is but a journey - your goals are your dreams to shape your destiny. Remember, "The real journey in life is not about finding new landscapes, but finding new eyes to view the landscape".

"We all have dreams, But in order to make dreams come to reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self discipline, action and commitment to achieve the desired result"

But never despair... Dreams do oft come true.

Comment by Roy Grogan - January 18, 2008 @ 4:50 am


Banking - have a look at Loyal Bank

Comment by DS - January 18, 2008 @ 10:14 am


Better idea - keep your money in your own bank and don't give it to these serial scammers.

Comment by JH - January 19, 2008 @ 7:25 pm


I'm a newbie just researching this GPIT. Mention has been made that Ben Seigler has been investigated by Homeland Security, the FFI and so on and found to be legit. Can anyone tell me how to find out whether that is true? I've also been told that people on the calls are claiming to have become millionaires by taking part in this scheme. Is this true, or are they prospective millionaires, should this thing really pay out?

Comment by carynn - January 22, 2008 @ 7:31 pm


Response to "carynn" - Do not confuse the GPIT programme with the Global Pension Plan which are two entirely different identities.

The GPP programme is now drawing to a close after first commencing in May, 2005. Scheduled close, 31st Jan.'08 - payments also scheduled to be made between 15th and 29th February,'08. So if you want fast action and return, read about the programme on the link below "roy grogan" or go to;- and read "THE PLAN" and "FAQ's" for a full overview.

Whilst there might still be an "element of risk" associated with the GPP programme, it is the "best risk" which I see online. Compare that with Lotto, Bingo, Lotteries and other games of chance - as against the initial investment, for the value of the end benefit, I know where my preference lies... but you had better hurry, time is now of the essence.

Comment by Ocka - January 23, 2008 @ 12:39 am


Im a new commenter too, and Id like to say that it is that close to the end now that you either keep taking steps for and keep your dreams alive or you walk away and go back to life as you know it!! I have been reading all you posts and I think it has been very insightful both for and agianst. As a member in marketing research just recently I think every ones point of view is important towards helping others.. We should all express ourselves everyday in many little ways as we all matter to one spirit. so if this is a scam or a mean way to kick every one in the teeth than so be it as Karma has a way of making sure even syberspace gets its yang if there is no ying. Hope you understand that. It will be so nice to have the opportunity to help others that are less fortunate than us... Best wishes to all...

Comment by SM - January 23, 2008 @ 5:18 am


You know I think it is normal to be a bit messed up when it comes to the unknown. And lets face it, every day life is that of the same.. Its not just the offering of money and societies version of freedom, that attracts us. Its more because we need to trust in others. If people like GPP didnt give us opportunities like this we would loose any hope at all... If man didnt make materials so neccesery then It may be diffferent. BUT . (Put me on an island and give me fish,fruit and water and the man I love) I would be fine for the rest of my days. A wise man once said" All you need is love". I think we all love each other enough to comment here and hopefully give all the newbies and oldies(As in time, not age) a chance to answer the real questions.. All the bad equals the good intentions anyway, and thats LOVE!!I dont have any other comments thus far, but do enjoy hearing yours... P.S Thankyou MS for introducing me to the GPP, You didnt have to! They were sooo close to 100,000 then, That it was of no interest to you finacialy. I love you every day, knowing that neither of us is perfect...I know what its like to have every one agianst you with out any real knowledge of you or what you tust and are going through, Or care why. They just judge without there own conviction firstly of them selves, so go you good people out there and Know your not alone..Its "08 Lets Celebrate"

Comment by SM - January 23, 2008 @ 4:49 pm



Re GPIT and Ben Seigler, contact the VA Attorney General's office at (804)786-2071 and ask to speak with one of the investigators and see what they have to say about what Ben's doing.

You can also contact the VA Division of Securities and Retail Franchising which is responsible for the regulation of securities-related matters and related licensing at (800)552-7945 and the VA Bureau of Insurance at (877)310-6560.

Comment by JH - January 24, 2008 @ 1:41 am


"Whilst there might still be an “element of risk” associated with the GPP programme, it is the “best risk” which I see online. Compare that with Lotto, Bingo, Lotteries and other games of chance..."

Except in this case the game is fixed and you have zero chance of winning.

Comment by JH - January 24, 2008 @ 1:43 am


Article from the British paper The Daily Express, 1/23/2008.

EASY MONEY: Get rich quick schemes are nearly always frauds

AN INVESTMENT scheme that promises to turn €30 (£22) into €55,000 bears a striking resemblance to a scam, according to experts.

The Global Pension Plan scheme which claims in its marketing literature is a "brilliant" project could rip off 100,000 unsuspecting victims, making millions in profits for the organisers if it proves to be a con. It appears to work like a pyramid scheme, where each new member is encouraged to sign up more joiners. To help attract recruits, the scheme provides a glossy brochure which explains how they plan to turn €30 into €55,000, using members' names to buy and then sell insurance policies. It is not registered with chief City watch¬dog the Financial Services Authority and the main organisers are not contactable; each member's only point of contact is the person who recruited them.

Des Fitzpatrick at the Office of Fair Trading Scambusters team says:

"The emphasis is on the small amount of cash needed from each investor, which is often the case with scams."

"The scheme is unregulated, so it offers little protection against losing your money. The people behind the scheme are anonymous, which gives no way of assessing who is in charge. They have put forward what appears to be a simple version of a complex issue, based on a number of assumptions. One potential problem is that investors may not qualify for the ‘endowment' needed to make the cash return that is promised."

"We advise consumers to be cautious before entering schemes like this."

The scheme requires members to provide identification such as their birth certificate or driving licence, which opens up opportunities for identity theft should the scheme turn out to be fraudulent.

Tom McPhail, the head of pension research at Hargreave; Lansdown, says:

"If anyone is tempted to invest in this, they shouldn't. I looks like a scam."

"It has all the hallmarks of a scheme designed to relieve the unwary of their hard-earned cash: for example, the outrageous rate of return required -183,233 per cent over six months - as well as the fact that the scheme refers to a respectable investment: endowments."

"But what these people say they are selling is not an endowment."

"The e-mail address at the end, Hotmail account, is not exactly credible either."

The Global Pension Plan website now says registration will close at the end of the month.

Comment by JH - January 24, 2008 @ 8:13 am


I feel like an idiot! I cannot believe I sent them ALL my info and money! The website has been changed, "Stella" has not updated anything, and no one seems to have received any money. Does anyone know how to personally get in touch with these theives? IP address? etc?

Comment by 1madmom - January 24, 2008 @ 5:02 pm


Hi 1MadMom. Please keep up-to-date if you're going to comment on matters of fact. The site changed in December to ... and the latest update was 3 days ago on 21st January!

Now, I don't know, any more than any other subscriber here, whether the scheme is genuine or not (but I guess whichever way it turns out, about half the contributors will be saying, "I told you so"!)

We're all entitled to our opinions, of course, but it doesn't help to ‘bad-mouth' someone else, especially if a comment is based on a matter of fact - not opinion.

Check the new website.

Comment by Skoopy - January 24, 2008 @ 7:11 pm


Just a comment to #160. You might wanna check again, it was like 48 hours since the last update from Stella. Well, if this is a scam or not, will probably be shown to us in a few weeks. Untill then there is not so much we can do except keeping ourselves updated and hope for the best. Have a nice day. :)

Comment by doomi - January 24, 2008 @ 7:25 pm



If you want information on Ben Siegler contact me.

rocksme2004 (at) yahoo (dot) com

You will be enlightened.


Comment by Rocket - January 25, 2008 @ 1:15 am


It seems that there is now a Jan 24th update. CG is up and running agian so we can now add all our new policies that we have been waiting for. That will please my downline very much... Nice to here from you again Rocket, Hope you are still feeing good about GPP. Id be interested in your thoughts at the mo!

Comment by SM - January 25, 2008 @ 1:26 am



I'd rather have more information on who is Stella ... and Rocket ...
Or the CEO of the so called GPP
That would really make me enlighted.
Ben at least have guts to show his name and surname ...

Comment by Greg - January 25, 2008 @ 7:53 am


Are you a member of GPP Greg?? If so then why are you?. Or are you just like me and taking a chance. Rocket is just a beleiver and a Pesamist. Only, you have so much doubt that you cant realy see why you want to do this in the first place.. Yet maybe cant let go...? Stella wont ever give out her name cause she or he knows that we will look it up on the Net any way, ... So I guess we should all stop asking. It aint gonna happen. Beleive or dont I guess!!!!!!!!!!! Still You are not alone in this question. Dont doubt and you wont pout!! Best o luck to all!!!

Comment by SM - January 25, 2008 @ 3:41 pm


Hello Greg and everyone that is interested, Check out this site that I googled called " Interview with Stella Sunday 8th Of April 2007.
web site : gpp_interviewwithstella.htm Have a read if it helps. NIte

Comment by SM - January 25, 2008 @ 4:08 pm


Any one know where the banking solution is, or Stella 4 that matter.. It sounds like Im a skeptic now I know, But Im not, just curious with matters like how to send our Ids etc to Stella and the team...Do they even want them any more???? Am I missing something? Im confused!

Comment by SM - January 26, 2008 @ 3:35 pm


I just noticed that when you click to pay via c-gold a screen comes up indicating a problem with the website's security certificate. The recommendation is made not to proceed. I know c-gold has had problems recently but this is a new one on me. Can anyone provide more information? Thanks.

Comment by Tim - January 26, 2008 @ 3:56 pm


Dear Members,

Greetings from three different continents: South-America, Africa and Asia. We were travelling in several countries to have meetings with local professionals to create the sound solution for our banking needs. And I must add, with a success!

The Trust Partner and the financial companies representatives had meetings with several high level government officials and they finally found the way to produce the Banking Solution You need. The license necessary to conduct such a business/service is being applied shortly and while it's been processed the technical side of the Banking Solution is being created.

Hence, please stop destroying our program by making false statements in banks when opening accounts where to receive the Compensation and the Loaylty Program Rewards into. Because of these acts there's a huge resistance for our program in many important jurisdictions.

The Banking Solution will put us back to the optimal situation where we don't have to take the benefits into our own personal accounts, but can have it stashed safely in a place where the financial privacy is valued.

I will update you shortly!


Comment by Gerlot - January 26, 2008 @ 9:44 pm


Wow that last post from "Stella" reads like the sort of e-mail i get from the "butter would not melt in my mouth" folk in Nigeria!!

Comment by Kev - January 27, 2008 @ 10:38 pm



I'm watching the GPP program with great interest like everyone else. I believe their will be a big announcement around February 1st if not before.

My guess is an extension of time because of all the problems with c-gold and Liberty Reserve recently.

And also because they are still looking for a banking solution.

I'm in for the long haul, what else can I do?

In the meantime I've decided to recover all the monies I've put into GPP.

I've joined

[Referral link removed, this post is about GPP, not other scams - Ben]

Everything I read about MinVestments is positive on all the blogs.

My suggestion is what ever money you put into GPP go to the website link above and use the calculator to figure out how much you would need to invest to recover your monies.

MinVestment is paying, and when you recover all the monies you invested into GPP, all the pressure is off.

When and if GPP pays out it will be icing on the cake.

Any comments please write me: rocksme2004 (at) y a h o o (dot) com


Comment by Rocket - January 28, 2008 @ 3:20 am


Ooh, another extension - how ridiculous. But I suppose if you've invested so much time and energy in this you can't really pull out now, while you still have a thread of hope left. That's what makes this such an exquisitely executed scam and gives them so much power over their sign ups (e.g. if they were to ask for a modest ‘transaction fee' next, you'd pay it wouldn't you?). Hats off to the organisers.

Comment by Norma Major - January 28, 2008 @ 11:29 am



If MinVestment is a scam I'd like to know about it.

Comment by Rocket - January 29, 2008 @ 11:10 am


@ Rocket:

I'm sorry but it's as dodgy as they come, a really over-the-top HYIP. I would suspect that if anyone gets paid, they will only receive money taken from newer members. After a while the available cash will run out and the site will disappear. Then you won't be able to get any money back because you don't know who is running it...

The site says they have been running since 2000 but there is no proof. They won't give any real details about themselves and are only contactable via email etc

Also, make sure to read that website fully because they expect you to go back every day to read the terms and conditions.

Comment by Ben - January 29, 2008 @ 2:50 pm


is already come close to 31st jan and there isnt any news from stella guess now they are enjoying the money yhey gain frm innocent ppl so sad

Comment by meck - January 30, 2008 @ 2:43 am


Many people are worried - Even those in countries outside of the United States about GPP. Read Why

Perhaps it is best to do something positive than negative, this applies to how we treat each other...


Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 6:06 pm Post subject: Eine kleine notwendige “Einnordung”
by NeverlandWe are now at a very important decision point.

Let me explain:

1. We create as an entire group only!
2. Nobody will receive the money alone. Either all or none!
3. We must learn to act in the interest of the group!

Ask yourself about these 3 completely elementary principles! This unfortunately did not happen in the last 3 weeks to a large extent, and very much damage was caused by the members for GPP. If somebody should cause this program to fail, then it will be GPP, not the other insurance companies, but the MEMBERS THEMSELVES.

In the last 3 weeks probably thousands have (and I refer now only to the German-speaking members) made inquiries with all possible banks in Europe regarding opening an account. This led to much irritation, displeasure and antipathy on the part of the banks, which nearly turned them against GPP, because the whole thing seemed to them to be extremely strange, amusing and suspect. That was really the glaring opposite of Public relations! The result? - 2 Swiss banks immediately refused opening any accounts for GPP members and are now asking each new customer whether or not they are in GPP before they will give them a new account. There were members that were even asked by the police to give them information about this “obscure” system - official government agencies investigations are already being done. And I think that I am safe in saying that I am only at the tip of the iceberg.

It seems that we have abandoned our good spirits, which results now in an accumulation of anxiety, hysteria and “greed eat brain” at the conclusion. If we all follow this line of thinking to the end, we will be able to say again: “See, I always knew that that this would never work.” A self-fulfilling prophesy. Dear members, I ask you to really understand from your heart how important it is to keep a calm and positive outlook. As you all have noticed, we live in a very turbulent world at this time. There are certain rules, which one must keep here, otherwise we saw off the branch we are sitting on. For this reason here again I want to be completely clear, and I ask you to internally understand and change your thinking to be positive and calm, so that we can allow everything to be really successfully finished - and to be able to celebrate!

1. Stop contacting the banks regarding your concerns about receiving a large deposit and making them do everything to open an account for you. If you want to open an account, just open it quietly. Right now times are such that any anxiety, panic and hysteria can easily come out again and again. Stella and the partners are working feverishly on a bank solution. Wouldn’t it be better to wait to have the money in an offshore account furnished by GPP ! from which one can transfer the money later to other accounts? Please be patient.

2. We have thus “BANKING SOLUTION” or “TO BE PROVIDED LATER” as options on the Agreement. These options are great and give us time. This way you can’t go wrong, and one still has all the other options.
3. The highest priority of GPP is that 100,000 forms arrive there with identification documents of the GPP members, otherwise the contract is not fulfilled and no money will be dispersed.

A. Complete Forms and wait for the address.
B. Make sure that you send your entire Downline a message telling them to complete their forms and wait for the address to make sure that they are ready.
C. As soon as address is there, quickly send the completed documents so that they arrive in time.
D. Wait for the money to be dispersed, either to the offshore solution or to another account indicated.
E. GPP will certainly give the members documents for the banks, which Stella has already confirmed that she will do.4. I will not any longer answer inquiries in the forum concerning banks, documents etc. Everything on the GPP side is already known and everything else will be revealed to the members in the correct time. You simply need to wait.

5. Why do we have still no address? Isn’t that logical? GPP is trying feverishly to find a bank solution that will work well for all members, and I believe this will come to a conclusion soon. They want to wait until they can give the correct information once, before they publish the address. I can assure you that this delay in finding a banking solution is due to the international banking situation and the concerns regarding money laundering and anti-terror laws, etc. It will be a miracle to accomplish this. We can be very proud of these partners for doing this.

6. Regarding the Membership Agreement: The Agreement was really simplified by GPP (removing the legalize) so that the members would only have to fill out from a small form and attach identity papers. Nonetheless, some members made a giant problem of this. People, uses your common sense! That is the most important! Do you seriously believe that one would not get their disbursement only because on you mix up the first and middle name lines? Do you believe seriously that you must use genuine document ink? Do you really believe that “Ae” or “AE” is now totally crucial (for German names with umlauts)? What is this except for rubbish? It is only from fear that these somewhat ridiculous questions are asked. They come only from within your own head! The people in the insurance company are not stupid. They can figure this all out. Keep it please simple! It ensures the fact that your documents are duplicable. If there are certain things that are not on the form such as straight one married, name changes, etc., then simply put a small note on the form in addition - naturally in English, because that is the official office language of GPP.

7. A good GPP member only needs to do the following:
A. Have all documents ready
B. Always read the forum and do whatever is required of you next. Please note: Many members read the forum like a newspaper or like a Comic. Please read the DETAILS in the forum. I have often heard members say that others would know the answers to their questions if they had only read the forum. READ WITH UNDERSTANDING!
C. With questions which are not answered in the forum, please go only to your sponsor or to their sponsor. If it is still absolutely important and up to then not been clarified, only then write to the forum at
D. Otherwise simply wait calmly and don’t get anxious if you don’t see anything new on the forum for a few days.
E. The more calm we all are, the greater the chances of our success! The more stress we create around us, the higher the probability that we whirl up so much dust that we invite the negative forces to attack the plan, whose intention is to make the program fail! Yes, there are actually forces in the world, who do not want GPP to be successful. Therefore, do not make such a loud noise with your fear and stress! Think about this twice before you act.8. In the forum, questions such as: “when will the address finally be there?”, “where is the latest news?”, “what does it look like for taxes?” and similar questions will not be answered, but will immediately be deleted. Also, the questions which are already covered in the forum will not be answered, but will be deleted. The less you load support with unnecessary stuff, the better they can do their work!

9. GPP makes money only if the project is completed. The running costs are not even covered by your fees! By that I mean the costs, among other things, of having 24-hour complete IT support over 2 ½ years to protect against hacker attacks. Why are some people are afraid to send in their documents? Because they fear that GPP may not have good intentions. That is so simple. We are not bad people. We have the best of intentions for all of us. The media has very effectively influenced the population generally to be in fear that one can very easily be a victim of fraud etc., therefore some members will leave due to this fear. This is really harmful, because fear was not ever a good counselor. This decrease has, however, already been taken into account, and we have far more than 100,000 members, from whom at least 100,000 valid documents must be submitted. Let me again reassure you that your only risk is the handling charge. Nothing else.
Some are worried that GPP will copy identification documents. This is ridiculous. Just think ! about how often documents of identification are copied from everywhere. So this is not anything new or interesting.

However, here everyone is the creator of their own luck. As Katja Ebstein in my youth sang: “miracle always shows it, IF YOU MEET IT, THEN YOU MUST ALSO SEE IT……..!”

In this sense I hope that what I am seeing is a group committed to leading this project together to a success completion. How do you now answer the question initially asked? - DO WE WANT GPP TO BE SUCCESSFUL OR NOT?

All the best,


Comment by Rocket - January 30, 2008 @ 7:25 am


Hi rocket, I dont judge you in any way, but I have a question: Why dont we receive that in english and who translated that for you?

Comment by SM - January 30, 2008 @ 9:04 am



This is currently circulating around some of the various GPP Team Leaders around the world.

Euken also has shared this with his German team and was one of the first to release this in English.

Comment by Rocket - January 30, 2008 @ 9:22 am


Just a quick request:

PLEASE can we keep to the topic in hand which is the Global Pension Plan.

I'd had to remove a couple of posts which contained personal attacks and accusations.

We've all got different opinions about this particular opportunity which makes for interesting reading.

Please keep the comments coming - whether pro or anti GPP - but I would politely ask that you do not personally attack anybody else who has commmented here.

Thanks everyone,


Comment by Ben - January 30, 2008 @ 10:35 am


Ben and Stella are straight bustas and you will ALL see this is truly a scam! How can you even trust a bookleg dial in number and this blog for people to write bullshit. Americans are really that stupid sending money to these pimps and hustlers!

Comment by James Thadus - January 30, 2008 @ 10:58 am


Yeah I agree Ben... Lets, let it all just flow now.. Wont be long...GPP Will deliver I can feel it. We just need to have faith.. In what eva we beleive. Negative means, to put others down only brings that to you... Stella will be back and I let doubt take ova 4 a while but we can all ova come the negative.. Good Post Rocket...

Comment by SM - January 30, 2008 @ 1:12 pm


Just to make it clear re the post above, "Neverland" is directly involved as a representative of GPP and acts as the moderator for their forum, so that's them talking.

Regarding specific points:

"In the last 3 weeks probably thousands have (and I refer now only to the German-speaking members) made inquiries with all possible banks in Europe regarding opening an account. This led to much irritation, displeasure and antipathy on the part of the banks, which nearly turned them against GPP, because the whole thing seemed to them to be extremely strange, amusing and suspect. That was really the glaring opposite of Public relations! The result? - 2 Swiss banks immediately refused opening any accounts for GPP members and are now asking each new customer whether or not they are in GPP before they will give them a new account. There were members that were even asked by the police to give them information about this “obscure” system - official government agencies investigations are already being done."

Why would a bank know or care why someone is openning an account? And if they are legitmate, then they should have no problem with questions or inquiries from proper authorities.

"3. The highest priority of GPP is that 100,000 forms arrive there with identification documents of the GPP members, otherwise the contract is not fulfilled and no money will be dispersed."

So why then are THEY holding things up with continuing delays?

"I will not any longer answer inquiries in the forum concerning banks, documents etc. Everything on the GPP side is already known and everything else will be revealed to the members in the correct time. You simply need to wait."

He never answered any to begin with so no major loss there. lol

"5. Why do we have still no address? Isn’t that logical? GPP is trying feverishly to find a bank solution that will work well for all members, and I believe this will come to a conclusion soon. They want to wait until they can give the correct information once, before they publish the address. I can assure you that this delay in finding a banking solution is due to the international banking situation and the concerns regarding money laundering and anti-terror laws, etc. It will be a miracle to accomplish this. We can be very proud of these partners for doing this."

No it's not "logical" and their complete anonymity has nothing to do with finding a banking solution.

6. Regarding the Membership Agreement: The Agreement was really simplified by GPP (removing the legalize) so that the members would only have to fill out from a small form and attach identity papers. Nonetheless, some members made a giant problem of this. "

As they should. Anyone can see that this document is not adequate in content or form. It's a joke that they didn't even put enough time into it to make it appear legitimate.

"In the forum, questions such as: “when will the address finally be there?”, “where is the latest news?”, “what does it look like for taxes?” and similar questions will not be answered, but will immediately be deleted. Also, the questions which are already covered in the forum will not be answered, but will be deleted. The less you load support with unnecessary stuff, the better they can do their work!"

There's no opportunity to post in the forum so how would they even ask not to mention be deleted? What do they expect when they haven't provided basic information required, issue confusing updates, and keep moving the goal posts as far as schedule?

"9. GPP makes money only if the project is completed. The running costs are not even covered by your fees! By that I mean the costs, among other things, of having 24-hour complete IT support over 2 ½ years to protect against hacker attacks."

BS. By their own numbers, they've received +$4 million USD to date. BlockDOS (their hosting company) costs them ~$1,0000/month and they obviously do NOT have a full IT staff on call 24 hours. You do the math.

"Why are some people are afraid to send in their documents? Because they fear that GPP may not have good intentions. That is so simple. We are not bad people. We have the best of intentions for all of us. The media has very effectively influenced the population generally to be in fear that one can very easily be a victim of fraud etc., therefore some members will leave due to this fear..."

"Some are worried that GPP will copy identification documents. This is ridiculous. Just think ! about how often documents of identification are copied from everywhere. So this is not anything new or interesting."

As well they should fear. Identity theft certainly is not an irrational fear. And in fact multiple forms of ID in original form copied oversized are NOT typically "copied from everywhere" and certainly not provided to parties who refuse to reveal their own identity.

Comment by JH - January 30, 2008 @ 6:14 pm


This GPP update is for sure to spark some conversation.

I ask this question. Is it best GPP take care of the banking solution even if it means a delay in being paid?

Direct from Stella, GPP administrator.

Dear Members,

I have just come back from Kuala Lumpur, where we had further meetings concerning the program and the Banking Solution. We didn't meet a single obstacle during the discussions, the only uncertain thing is the time-frame.

The company, who's going to provide the solution, is applying for the financial license shortly. They are preparing the paper-work at the moment and then they are submitted for the fast-track processing. Also building the online-part of the solution is being started shortly. I am not aware of the exact specifications yet, but my humble comment and request was to make it as user-friendly as possible.

The Banking Solution will be far superior solution to the personal bank account. This will eliminate the fear of having the funds frozed by your local bank because of a sudden sizable deposit, that differs from the normal daily and monthly transactions. A big number of members have contacted us because of this fear, and I must admit it's for real. The size of the transaction are going to be that big, that as soon as they hit your account, the national central bank will start asking questions. That really isn't a problem, as the funds are coming from a legal origin, but it's very trouble-some, frustrating and time-consuming for you. Thus this will be avoided as well as possible.

The Trust Partner has asked me not to close the site, i.e. the sign ups and additional policy purchases until the Banking Solution is ready and is being launched. Hence you can, if you so wish, sign up and buy additional policies without hurry. You can also update the profiles if needed.

We will go in one month steps from here, meaning that the site is open for one full calender month until the situation is reviewed again. For example, if the Banking Solution is fixed during February, I will close the site in the end of February and no more purchases is accepted. I think it's better to know this in advance and not trying to guess the date in case this and that happens.

The member support is working on and off. I have to travel a lot and join different meetings with the Trust Partner and other partners related to the program, and this will prevent me from answering emails every single day. I promise to do my best anyway!

More information will be available soon!


Please keep filling the Membership Agreements! There is no need to fill in your banking coordinates anymore, but we are going to keep the Agreement and not to confuse members with a new one.


Comment by Rocket - January 30, 2008 @ 11:09 pm


GPP Members:

In case you are wondering where Kuala Lumpur is I have a link that has some great pictures of this soon to be GPP city.

It looks like a nice city to visit and check on the GPP member bank account. Vacation anyone?

Comment by Rocket - January 30, 2008 @ 11:18 pm


Give me a break! Post 184 by Stella via Rocket makes it official. We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, flimflammed scammed, deceived, shafted and anything else you can think of. All of us who gave money to this in dreaming beyond all reason are IDIOTS. "We will go in one month steps from here" is another way of saying "We are to string this out until the end of time". The door is now open for an endless stream of reasons for delay. You just knew that when February came that woould be a reason for the payout not taking place. What, did they sit around a table and say, "Ooh, I know. Lets tell them this. One month steps. Yeah, thats the ticket". You've got to be kidding me! Thats not even as imaginative as the Nigeria emails. Rocket are you still drinking this koolaid?

Comment by Joseph - January 31, 2008 @ 3:23 am


I have been a member for some time now. I like to think that I am a postive person and have faith but I am starting to bacome wary after reading the latest posting on the members forum.
Stella has told us that we can continue to still sign up members and buy extra polocies and there is ‘no hurry' until the Trust Partners come up with a suitable banking solution. Well havent they had enough time to come up with this? So now they will be taking it at one month steps and to keep purchasing polocies, they could keep going month by month for another 3yrs if they really want to and guess what, we seem to be giving them all the money and time in the world to do it too.
I think we should all stop buying these extra polocies and signing up new members it seems to me that these people are getting greedier and greedier constantly delaying the cut off dates and now the payment dates so we dont know when we will get paid if ever.

And what about the people that have already gone out of their way to open up a bank account and solved their own banking solution why cant they get paid and the others can wait until for the Trust Partners to find a solution for them, this doesnt make sense to me and seems quite unfair.

Comment by jennifer - January 31, 2008 @ 11:47 am


Stella, as Jennifer in the last post asked, "What about the people that have solved their own banking solution?". For all of those reading this blog, we have reached the proverbial put-up-or-shut point. If the contract has been filled (100,000 signees), then proceed with the February payout. If there are those who wish to wait for the banking solution, then let them wait. For those who don't care about the banking solution or have taken care of it themselves, then release their funds in February as previously stated. For all of those reading this blog, I promise only 1 of 2 things are going to happen.

1. The question will be ignored and no response will be given.

2. The response will be something like "The Trust Partner has stated that the banking solution is a all-or-none proposition" and why make others suffer just because a few are impatient and want the money now.

It will be one of the two if no payout happens in February. I mean WHEN no payout happens in February. To all of those reading this. The line has been drawn in the sand and the gauntlet flung. Let's see what happens. I'm betting nothing.

Comment by Joseph - January 31, 2008 @ 3:34 pm


Questions and answers No 1."Can I hold off my payment till the banking solution is up and running"
ANSWER: "All payouts will be postponed until the banking solution is up and running"
Something like that any way, Does anyone remember what that used to say??
I thought the answer used to be "Yes we can hold your payment until you get your banking details or wish to wait for our banking solution".

I cant remember completely cause it has totaly changed..

And there seems to be alot less of the Questions and Answers. Who wrote them any way?

We DO have control over buying more policies, why buy more of something you dont have yet??....

Do as Jennifer advised and dont buy any more policies. Lets see what happens then as Joseph said...Fingers are now so sore from crossing them.

Comment by SM - January 31, 2008 @ 11:44 pm


Hi everyone,
I've been watching GPP on this blog for sometime now,
debating whether I should join considering the small
financial risk.

Can anyone tell me what kind of personal information
you have to give GPP to join.....Do you have to give
them a SS#?

From what I've been reading, sure looks And smells
like a scam!!.......Can anyone advise me if it's
worth while to sign-up?

Thank you,

Comment by Bill - February 1, 2008 @ 12:37 am


I believe we will be ignored no doubt, about our own banking solutions or told to jump if we dont like it, stella and her team will do what they like and we have no say in it. Do you really think they will come up with a banking solution I think not, this has been going on for some time now.

I have looked up a site that was sent to me by my upline way up, when he was convincing me to stay on when really I should have used my brain and NO... he gave me a website to look up other pension plans out that where out there, GPP was on it of course and I read that the domain was registered on the 21st october 2005 and the domain expires on the 21st october 2008 so that makes me think that what if they continue to delay the payments due to "banking solutions" and keep on excepting polocies that could go on for another 9 months and then just disappear into thing air and bye bye there goes all our money and identification.

I get this imagine in my head of some nigerian hotel room full of filthy, sleazy and very dubliant men laughing at us stupid westerners all cashed up ready and eager to throw away our money that we pick off our trees in our backyards... like I reallllly wish I had that tree.

You have no idea of how much I feel like a shmuck believing all of stella's babble and daring to dream a dream that I know now will never be realised by this programme and all it promises...

Comment by jennifer - February 1, 2008 @ 8:51 am


Next Program Please...!!!

Just kidding, we are disappointed for sure, but must take it in stride.

Of course don't buy anymore policies if you don't believe anymore.

At least we can speculate with each other as we ride the emotional rollercoaster...

As it was stated, we can always get off this GPP ride anytime we want...I predict some of us will continue onward to the GPP destination wherever that is...

I'm curious where the GPP road leads aren't you???

Comment by Rocket - February 1, 2008 @ 9:52 am



Cancel those vacation plans to Malaysia...!!!

Stella is scolding me for assuming the Banking Solution will be in Kuala Lumpur...How silly of me!

Now some of the members got an idea the Banking Solution will be located at Malaysia. But that's not correct. I didn't give you the jurisdiction, so please don't make your own assumptions.

The Banking Solution will not be located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia nor even in Asia. It will be a completely secure jurisdiction and the operation will be secured by the government office.


Sounds like some armed guards are there...Guess my money will be

Comment by Rocket - February 1, 2008 @ 10:03 am


Yep, Curious is the word for staying NOW!!!!!!!!Life is emotional enough... This was suppose to be hope in amongst that Rocket..Its not that we dont beleive anymore for not buying more policies Its: A matter of DONT buy anymore to see what It will make them do. Keep going or not....?

We have played our part. If there is no payment at all at the end of this Id Rather have taken my kids on a real ride and watch them smile for a legitimate reason...We were all kids once. Putting our faith in our parents to do all that is best for us...

Lets all play a part in ending this. If and when we get our payment then we can at least say with confidence to others that it works.

I personally feel very stupid recommending this anymore. I get enough laughs already from the disbeleivers I told about this.. Id realy love to stick it to em (getting the payout)...In a nice way of course..Then and only then would I recommend the Reverse Endowment Policies to anyone ever again..That goes for any Internet Scheme in the future...BWTA

Comment by SM - February 1, 2008 @ 10:21 am


I seem to have been correct in stating that the question of "What about the members who have solved their own banking solution?" would be ignored. There can't possibly be any further doubt that this is a total scam. To anyone reading this and wondering if they should get in - keep your money in your pocket. Wake up. Nothing that Stella says can be trusted. Was it not Stella that said nothing would delay the payout - including the banking solution? Why has there been no explanation as to why that has changed? Rocket, you don't have to be curious as to where the GPP road leads. We are already there. No where.

Comment by Joseph - February 1, 2008 @ 11:25 am


Please Jennifer ask for a full refund and stop complaining !

Comment by Stella - February 1, 2008 @ 3:56 pm


Yeah OK. Go ahead and ask for a refund and see what you get. It will be the same as you'll get waiting for this scam to end - nothing.

Comment by JH - February 1, 2008 @ 5:39 pm


Ho dear, wish you could be more positive and patient...

Comment by Stella - February 1, 2008 @ 9:48 pm


Stella, are you going to answer the question that has been raised? Once again the question is - What about those that have solved their own banking solution? Will all payouts be delayed regarless? Would really appreciate an answer to this. Thanks.

Comment by Joseph - February 1, 2008 @ 10:03 pm


Dear Members of GPP,

just before Stella had to take a flight some minutes ago she asked me to please inform you about this very important detail which I am sure many of you are already waiting for:

The Bank Solution is not the only alternative!

Those of you who want to have the payout transferred to personal bank accounts can do so.

Stella will later then move this annoucement to the admin folder and maybe clarify this point a bit more.

All the best,


Comment by Neverland - February 1, 2008 @ 10:18 pm

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