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Armed with a few secrets and a little "insider knowledge" you will soon be making a killing from Public Domain and Freeware material

"I'd like to offer you a way to quit your job

But, there are a couple of things I'd like you to do first though..."


Number 1: stop selling the same trashy eBook or CD-ROM that you and a hundred other people are selling before you make a big loss.

I'll bet you've sold no more than four or five copies this month at the most... am I right?

Number 2: stop trying to create your own product. Itís too much like hard work.

Especially when there is an unimaginable hidden store of treasure just waiting for you to profit from.

Very few people know of its existence, and even fewer know how it really works.

Itís 100% legal, and best of all itís 100% FREE

If you've ever seriously thought about making your living online then you need to read this book. Probably the main reason that more people don't work from home making money on the Internet is because they just don't know what to sell.

Just imagine if the single biggest obstacle to changing your life was solved for you - and you had tens, even hundreds of product ideas ready made for you.

Then what would be stopping you from building a successful online business?

This book can help you solve the product problem - I've no hesitation in recommending it.

Chris Youngman
Editor of the 'Wake Up and Smell the Coffee' newsletter

You donít have to ask permission to make serious money using this Ďsecretí stockpile, nor do you have to pay a single penny for it.

Virtually NO-ONE knows about it,
even though most people think they do.

Iím talking about making serious money from....

Freeware & Public Domain Software

Now hang on before you click on the little ĎXí in the top right hand of the screen. I told you that most people think theyíve heard all about this before, but let me strike a deal with you.

If I can tell you three things you didnít know about Freeware & Public Domain software, will you read just a little bit further?

(I nearly made the same mistake years ago, and would still be punching holes in bits of metal for a living if I hadnít worked solidly for months to discover the Ďrealí facts about Public Domain and Freeware profits)

Hereís where I blow the myths.

  • Everything thatís already on the Internet is in the Public Domain and free to use?
  • Wrong! Sorry, but most of the stuff found on the Internet is subject to copyright and you can get into very deep water if you mess with it at all.

  • All the stuff that IS Freeware or is in the Public Domain is rubbish anyway?
  • Sorry, wrong again. There is software available at this very second that I guarantee people would pay over one hundred pounds for. You can access this for free, and profit from it.

  • Yes but why would anyone pay for it if itís available for free?
  • Because my friend, as I said earlier, most people have a limited idea of what Freeware and Public Domain Software is....don't know where it is...and have absolutely no idea how much profit can be made by investing in a little Ďinsiderí knowledge.

You can make an awful lot of money Ė SERIOUS money - by tapping into the pot of gold that is Freeware & Public Domain software

How to really profit from Public domain software and Freeware has long been a secret that only savvy insiders have known, and have kept to themselves and never publicized for years. They keep it to themselves. Wouldnít you? Wonít you?

This brand new ebook has never been seen before. It will show you where to find and profit from the most amazing Freeware and Public Domain software.

Surely everyone knows you can't sell Freeware and Public Domain software though?

This eBook will show you how to profit from Public Domain software and Freeware. It'll show you what people think they know but don't.

I repeat this is absolutely 100% legal and ethical

What's more the authors of this software will not only be happy for you to operate this business (even though you don't need to contact them), they'll also be absolutely delighted for you to profit from it!

It'll show you how to make huge profits from absolutely NO outlay whatsoever (well maybe the price of a fast food meal).

It'll show you why you'll have no competition, and it'll show you how the profits you can make in one or two days working at your PC from home can bring you enough money to quit work.

It'll show you how people will be queuing up to give you money for a product that you got for FREE, yet which they think is amazing! You can do it time and time again. Just one product can bring you in a full-time wage, and there are literally thousands of products available for you to profit from.

Read the introduction to this remarkable new ebook. Remember this ebook cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is uniquely for the UK market, and isnít a rip-off American Ďdreamí that's useless in the UK

This ebook is the real deal. The information took me a year to compile, and is worth over £500. It can set you up for life. How much is that worth to you?


I am going to show you how itís possible to make serious money from having NO product to sell, AND get free software at the same time!

As I write this, the good people of the world are setting off to work by car, bus, train or bicycle. They have one thing in common Ė they are about to voluntarily sell themselves into slavery for another 8 hours, as they do most days.

When you look at like this itís seems ludicrous. In exchange for the lowest amount of pay their boss can get away with paying them, they will offer themselves as willing slaves for another day, as they do for most of their lives.

Anyone whoís ever been an employee (and letís fact it that means most of us) knows the quiet humiliation of having to ASK if we can take a day off, take breaks at times that are dictated to us, and sometimes even have to ask permission to use the toilet.

ĎItís not as bad as thatí you say.


Then try this.

Walk out of work tomorrow to go shopping for an hour without letting anyone know, or turn up for work in the morning dressed in stained t-shirt and shorts. See how long it is before youíre summoned into the bossís office.

Or try phoning in and saying youíre not coming into work today because youíre Ďnot in the moodí. Can you see how much the term Ďwage slaveí is literal?

Iíve been there myself. One place I worked removed the toilet seats from the lavatories so you wouldnít get too comfy and spend too long there!

Needless to say I now work from home, and Iím my own boss.

As I said earlier, as I write this, countless employees all over the country (world even) are on their way to become wage slaves for yet another day.

If theyíre lucky theyíll get 15 good years of retirement while they still have their health. They might even have some money to spend on their retirement, although I canít see it with the current pensions crisis (for crisis read Ďrobberyí), and the fact that by the time I retire there probably wonít be a state pension.

Now I donít mean to sound smug, but if you take it as such, so be it.

As I write this it is 11.33am and Iím sat at my home PC on a rainy wet August (British summertime again!) day with a cup of fresh coffee and a couple of nice biccies. Iíll probably work until about 1pm (because I love my work).

Yesterday I made £67

The day before that I made £117.

The one before that I made £95.

Itís not a fortune but it doesnít take much work, and it certainly doesnít take working for anyone ELSE

I made this money working from home.

Thatís £279 in three days, working 3 hours in the morning and another hour in the evening checking and processing my orders, which are all taken by email or through the net

This is the best part of the day for me. I usually double or treble this figure each week, at least.

In between I may go walking (Iíve actually lost weight and got healthier working from home!), or do some gardening. I might spend time on a hobby Ė at the moment Iím (attempting) to fit a wood-burning stove in the sitting room, or maybe brew another batch of home wine. If it were my Ďthingí I could be going to the gym or having a facial!

The point is that I have the time to do this now.

Iíve calmed down a little but when I first became self-employed I was very, very angry at the amount of time I had voluntarily handed over to other people, to make them rich!

Itís absurd.

My life is far too precious to spend it being a slave for other people

I just wished I had worked this out 15 years ago.

So am I rich? Well in once sense yes and another no. I can never see myself working for an employer again. Once youíve had the experience of working SUCCESSFULLY for yourself youíll never go back, but Iím certainly not a millionaire, although who knows what next year will bring.

On the other hand Iím probably a lot better off than most employees. We have two cars - mine is small runabout that I bought new for £12,000 last Christmas. My wife is about to buy a new 4x4 Ė a Landrover or Mitsubishi Ė itís up to her. We have a nice house with 1/3 acre of land, good holidays etc.

The main thing is....I feel mentally free.

Enough preaching though.

If youíre wondering why Iím selling how to operate this remarkable business rather than just running it myself? Well the answer is easy. You wonít be any competition to my business at all.

There is no way that this business can ever be exhausted, no matter how many people operate it....

....and Iím not scared of competition anyway.

I operate on a small, gentle scale that allows me to live life in the way I want. I donít want to run a huge international corporation, but you might. Itís up to you. Iím also selling this business guide to make money, by the way. Iím not stupid!

Iím certainly not giving away this secret for free Ė especially because Iíll lose you as a customer after Iíve told you how to set up your business.

Why? Because once youíre successfully operating from home earning more than youíve ever done for less than a quarter of the hours you used to work, youíll stop looking on the Internet for business ideas and opportunities. Youíll probably never work for anyone else as long as you live either!

And that, my friends is TRUE freedom!

So letís get started with the business....

So youíre one of the ambitious few that has actually read through to the end of this page. Thanks for coming this far with me.

You now have a decision to make. Will you click on the ĎXí at the top right and close down this page? Will you return to the same old job tomorrow, watch the same old scenery go past as you make your way into the factory, or office?

Or will you join me, and change your life for the better, forever?

I hope to hear from you soon.

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