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'After two years – I finally managed to get it…'

An Interview with Sara Brown

"So Sara, just to be clear - you launch a new product, which brings you a five-figure sum… and you’re going to reveal how to do that in this interview?"

"Yes I am"

I didn’t just get a run of the mill interview either – I got more than I could possibly have dreamed of – here’s an extract:

Well Sara, just how easy is it for a newcomer to make money from the Internet?

Let’s put it this way – if you spent as much money, and put as much effort into starting you own online business as you do learning to drive you’d be working for yourself inside 6 months. That’s my opinion.

Just forget all the hype and let’s look at it from a common sense point of view.

Business is about buying and selling a service or a product - or at least that's the traditional way of looking at it.

The Internet is its own product. By that I mean that if you were shut in a room with nothing more than a PC and Internet connection you could make a very comfortable income. You might go a bit stir crazy and have to live on delivered pizza but make a living you could.

All the information you’d need would be right there on your PC screen.

I’d go so far as to say that every single piece of information that is sold on the net, from the 99c eBook through to the $1,799 Internet Marketing course is available somewhere on the Internet for free.

Of course what you’re paying for is the compiling, researching and time that the seller is putting into his or her product. Also, it sometimes takes an Internet ‘guru’ to spot the value of information and to combine it with their personal experience before it’s worth much of anything.

But it’s not hard to research, compile and sell information that is available for free. I think this is the most amazing thing about the Internet.

And if you’re reading this but haven’t tried it, then you should. I’ll probably say this more than once in this interview, and explain how I do it later on...

An Interview with Sara Brown

Sara Brown is an Internet Marketer, eBay Powerseller and best-selling eBook author.

She is known for her no-nonsense, hands-on approach to online business building.

She is co-owner of Laycock Publishing Limited and her Jobhater’s Newsletter has attracted thousands of subscribers in just 6 months.

If you could sit Sara Brown down at your dinner table what would you ask her?

  • How to make money from nothing?
  • Exactly what her own income streams are?
  • How each new product brings a 5 figure sum?
  • Her ‘system’ for creating successful products? (nothing held back here!)
  • Where she gets her never-ending supply of ideas?
  • What an income stream actually is?

I asked Sara all this and more.

I knew I would be in for an interesting chat with someone who is clearly very talented.

BUT I got all of the above and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

I got real, useable, practical knowledge from the internet marketer who is famed for holding nothing back when it comes to revealing her very own money making methods.

In this interview Sara Brown shares all her techniques, methods and secrets

This isn’t an exercise in babysitting, so there will be some things mentioned by Sara that you may need to research (trust me, if you do it'll be worth it) but the incredible fact remains that Sara shares with me in this interview, how she makes her living.

How many times has a top internet marketer really done this?

Here are some more of the things Sara Brown is happy to discuss, in full details, in this interview:

  • Where her ideas come from
  • Her formula for creating successful products time after time
  • Several real-life examples of Sara’s own income streams.
  • Sara’s ‘outside the box’ use of income streams
  • How just seven eBay auctions maintain Sara’s Powerseller status and earn her thousands of pounds month after month, with very little work.
  • Sara’s views on resell rights
  • The most valuable skill an Internet Marketer can have.
  • Why Sara still uses the methods she outlines in her books and in this interview, and will continue to do so
  • Exactly what income streams are, and how to use them to create an income from the internet

You’ll also find out how Sara Brown started out as a complete novice and became a successful internet marketer.

You’ll find out how Sara continues to create best selling products while others struggle.

Read Sara Brown's tactics on:

eBay Business
Multiple Websites
Joint Ventures
Email Lists

This is hands-on, REAL information straight from the mouth of the internet guru who says her life really started the day she walked out of a job she hated.

If you’re a newcomer to internet marketing who wants to see how a top marketer started out, or an experienced internet marketer who just needs that little extra ‘push’ to increase your income, or even just quit the day job, then An Interview with Sara Brown can’t be missed.

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