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Sick and tired of the hassle of eBay?

Paying more in fees than you were taking in profit?

I was - so I asked myself....

"Should I hand back my Powerseller Status?"


 And if you're not a Powerseller, ask yourself: is the hassle of eBay
 worth it anymore?

 More and more successful sellers are quitting eBay purely because of
 the stress involved.

 You think an eBay business is the only way to work for yourself
 from home?


The man who wrote this book is no longer an eBay Powerseller

In fact, he rarely sells on eBay anymore.

He doesnt have to. Heís moved away from eBay - never to return (or so he says!)

No fees, no feedback hassle, no difficult customers.

Yet he is now earning far more than most eBay Powersellers

If you are already selling on eBay youíll know how hard it is to make a living. After fees, regulations and bad eBayers thereís little money or motivation left!

Wouldnít you like to be able to use eBay for fun like you used to rather than worrying about if your listings are making you money or not?

The author of this book (who has asked me not to mention his name) has been able to start a business online but away from eBay and do just that.

eBay is not the only way to sell on the Internet.

If you're a newcomer you might be forgiven for thinking that it is - but even if you've only been selling on eBay for a few weeks the chances are you're both disillusioned and out of pocket!

Donít get me wrong, you can still use this amazing business method on eBay and become a Powerseller very easily.....just like my secret friend did

No more clocking more driving to more getting up early in the morning in Winter....

So what does this eBook have to do with it all?

Quite simply, this eBook tells you how to do it!

  • It could be your escape route from the nine to five...
  • It could be your escape from eBay, and open up a whole new way of making money online...

Iím selling it, without resale rights, for just


Here are some more details, just look at this business:

Once youíve bought this eBook you can start with just £5....

Your product can be produced for pennies yet sold for around 1000% profit

It can make you money while you sleep

It can become your full-time business in just weeks

Just think about this:

When you work (in a job) you assign yourself a monetary value: what you are "worth"

If you work for £5 an hour then at most youíre worth £250 a week, absolute maximum, and probably including overtime.

This is your BOSS telling you what you're he sets the wage!

It takes a lot of positive thinking to see yourself as worth more than this amount, indeed some people never do.

I know youíve heard this all before so had I. But then I considered the following:

Running this business I can earn an extra £200 in a day!

Something is wrong with the "world of work" when you realise this is the case....

  • Will you be cheating the system if you make £200 in a day?
  • Will there be a price to pay for making this extra money so easily?

The short answer is NO.

As employees we are kept in the dark as to how much money is out there, and more importantly, how easily it can be earned.

Weíre told it can never happen to us.

Well it can....and this ebook shows you how you can do it.

The amount of money you can make for a small amount of work is incredible. Here's what the author says:

I have set up a small production line at home and now make as much money in ONE HOUR per night for a week than I did working 40 hours at my previous, full-time job.

I tried this method. It works. It's a phenomenal income stream. The last week before payday I was ALWAYS broke.

NOW every single day I receive Paypal payments, cheques and cash in the post. Whatís more, anyone can do this.

Most businesses fail, especially online because people dont know a few basic, simple rules.

I tripped over these rules. I fell flat on my face, picked myself up again and saw what Id been doing wrong.

I haven't looked back since!

Now I have made mistakes. But there are reasons why Iíve made this money where others fail. Reasons that are blindingly obvious to me now but remain the reason why Iím successful where most are not.




Silly, I know, but read on:

I will show you:

  • How you must be original. I'll show you how!
  • Why eBay is your best friend and your worst enemy!
  • How to produce an ongoing income
  • How to earn while you sleep
  • Why youíll have no real competition
  • How to leave what little competition there is far behind
  • How to have customers fighting for your product when no-one else is selling anything
  • How to fast-track your business and quit your through this with me, and see how I do it!
  • How each product can bring you a residual income with no advertising
  • Where to sell, where not to sell
  • Where to get the free products that will sell...not all will!
  • When not selling can earn you more money
  • What you are allowed to sell and what will get you into big trouble...most people donít know how to avoid this and could be in very hot water
  • I'll show you how the best products just happen to be the ones that are the best to sell! (Yet most people dont realise this)

This is the most overlooked and most profitable business imaginable....yet even if an extra thousand people a year started operating this business (which they won't for a reason youll learn in this e-package)....


This is why Iím offering this information obviously to profit from my knowledge and expertise, but also because you will never be in competition to me, or each other.

Thatís the beauty of this business.

Its up to how how hard you work will determine how much money you earn. Remember I'm doing just ONE HOUR PER NIGHT.

And trust me I'm no Brain Surgeon!

Remember for a limited time only you can buy this eBook (in PDF format) for a special price of just


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