"Countless copyrights are expiring daily,
no one can possibly republish them all;
there's so much to go round"

Review of Avril Harper's Ultimate Public Domain Profit Plan

Avril Harper has a reputation for producing well-researched information products about various home business ideas.

In the past her work has included "how-to" guides on:

  • Becoming an eBay PowerSeller
  • Becoming a Published Writer
  • Starting your own Mystery Shopping Business
  • Self-Publishing your own, and other people's books
  • Making money by tearing up old books and magazines
  • Starting a Private Investigation Agency
  • Making Money from Public Domain material

It is the last item in the list which this review will concentrate on.

If you interested in selling information products then you need to look at using material from the Public Domain.

Each and every day new material comes into the Public Domain because the copyright on the work expires. What Avril Harper has done is write a big, step-by-step guide to finding and using this material.

When you buy Avril's Ultimate Public Domain Profit Plan you receive a large A4 printed manual and a information-packed CD containing lots of extra eBooks and manuals about copyright-free works.

In this package, Avril Harper covers a lot of ground including:

- 10 Public Domain projects that you can start tomorrow
- How to turn a public domain item into your own exclusive copyright
- 100s of places to use to find public domain products fast
- Selling your new books and other products on eBay
- The fast and easy way to turn public domain items into resalable items
- Why you're spoiled for choice
- Examples of recent, top selling products made from public domain items

It's a huge package which reveals exactly how to make excellent profits from the Public Domain material.

Will you need an existing customer list?

When you use Avril's package there is no need for an email list or any special connection. As the manual describes, the products you can make from Public Domain material are perfect for selling on eBay or offering to someone else's email list via a joint venture arrangement.

Do you need any special skills?

You don't need to be a Search Engine specialist or anything like that. You simply need to be prepared to do a little research on the web to find suitable products. Avril covers exactly where and how to do your research.

Avril Harper has been in the information product business for years, she knows how to explain her little tips and techniques in an easy to understand way. She doesn't assume that you know anything and takes time to explaing her methods, usually with examples.

What kind of start-up costs are there?

This is a great point, there are none! Apart from the cost of the manual there is no need for a lot of capital. Public domain material is just that, public domain. Avril Harper shows you the sites to use to find the good material and they're all free as well!

How long is it likely to take to set-up?

OK, you're going to have to put in a little "work" to research a suitable product for the market you want to sell to. But, the best part of using public domain material is that you have to do this just once per product. After that, you have our own product which you can sell over and over again, at the same time keeping 100% of the profits.

No location restrictions

You can deliver your products across the world in a flash if you create digital products, or use "print-on-demand" services if you want to sell physical products. There's a huge market out there for quality information products.

As Avril says, using Public Domain material is almost like "stealing". You don't produce any work or do anything except repackage it and sell it.

Best of all, this is a perfectly ethical and legal way to create and sell products. There more you can add to the material you use, the better but it certainly isn't necessary.

Check it out by clicking on the following link:

Link removed - the Public Domain Profit Plan is no longer available

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